Looks in the Mirror

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Ever since you were born, mirrors have fascinated you – the way they not only reflect you, but the world around you… but sometimes, it was just a little bit more interesting. Mirrors didn’t always reflect you, and sometimes it appeared you reflected them.

The world around you often appears to be not quite as it seems, sometimes things just look the other way around to you, but would otherwise look correct in the reflections of a pool, or a pane of glass, or even a particularly shiny synth surface.
In fact, it wasn’t just that, but you realised as you grew older that you could reflect just about anything. Sunlight, other people, fists, opinions… the world just seems to be the opposite way around when you really think about it.


GM Intrusion: Your eyes showed you a reflection of reality, and instead of dodging the guard's attack, you moved straight into it's path.


Pick a PC. That PC is immune to your effects, and you are immune to theirs. The world just seems right with them.

Additional Equipment:

You carry with you a small hand-held mirror that always shows the truth of reality.

Esotery Effects:

Visual esoteries take on a shiny, reflective nature.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The barman suddenly takes a liking to the striking similarity you share, and gives you a room and meal with significant discount.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You stare intently at the bandit's arrow as it flies towards you, hitting you in the shooter's own chest.
Tier 1:

Smoke and… (2 Speed points): Simple actions become reflected, much to the confusion of everybody around you. You step left, but they see you move right. You throw a punch, but land a kick. You stare intently at somebody’s features, but they see you look away. This action cannot be repeated infinitely.

Beauty in the Eye… (1 Intellect point): You tend to reflect the visual elements of the world around you within yourself. Whether you appear to be glowing under the sun, more difficult to make out against the desert horizon, or just a spitting image of the person you’re talking to, you always fit in to the world around you.

Tier 2:

Dirt on the Glass (2 Intellect points): Your handheld mirror always knows the truth. As you check yourself for damage, you brush away the damage or effect of a single attack or action against you.

Did I See That Right? (3 points; any one pool): You were positive that attack wasn’t physical… Damage from the next attack can be allocated to a pool of your choice, but cannot be split between pools.

Tier 3:

Reflected Reality (3 Intellect points): Unsure of the direction of reality, you focus on the present, and the outcome of the last action becomes the opposite result.

…Mirrors (4 Speed points): You have a talent for reflecting everything good and bad about your adversary. The next successful action against you causes equal effects to the dealer. This includes any damage.

Tier 4:

Unbreakable Pane (4 Might points): You can reach into a reflection and affect its counterpart in reality, allowing you to move objects from a distance or around corners, or even attack a guard without him knowing.

Tier 5:

Other Side of the Mirror (5 speed points): You step in to the reflection of a pool of water, a pane of glass, or an actual mirror. Your stat pools become flipped, switching strength for speed, speed for intellect and intellect for strength, along with any edges. This also changes your class from nano to glaive to jack and vice versa.

Tier 6:

Infinite Reflection (8+ Intellect points): You stare intently intently into your mirror, watching your own reflection of the reflection, and you see the opportunity to make a reflection reality. A locked door becomes an open entrance. A dead guard comes back to life. A raging mob becomes a peaceful demonstration.

Allows a single minor change to the world. GM to gauge int cost.

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