Learns from His Ancestors

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At least one of your ancestors was a highly skilled shadow warrior. You see them in your dreams sometimes; how they ran across rooftops, sneaked past elite guards, silently dispatched their target, and then disappeared before anyone even knew he was there. Years of watching has left it’s mark on you. Sometimes you find yourself planning how to climb into a fifth story window unnoticed. Other times you visualize how you would distract a particularly well armed guard. Your allies lose you in a crowd all the time. Recently, however, you have begun to see things others could not; the most minuscule traces of footprints, the ideal hiding places, and if the person in front of you is of good or ill will.

Essentially gives you assassin powers from Assassin’s Creed. Need help with balance.


GM Intrusion: You twitch involuntarily, giving away your position.


You believe one of the PCs is somehow connected to your ancestors. Discuss with your GM and the other PCs character the specifics.

Additional Equipment:

A coat with a hood that acts as an asset to stealth and an exotic stealth light weapon, such as a spring loaded blade or crossbow that attaches to an arm, a needle ring or dart steeped in poison, or a synth folding fan with sharpened edges.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You happen to blend into a group who is wearing clothing of the same color as you.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You strike an unarmored spot, crippling your target.
Tier 1:

Eagle Vision (1 Intellect): For two seconds, you gain super human awareness of everything around you. Within short range, you can see as if in bright light, you are aware of any objects of import, such as traps, hiding spots, or clues, and you can reasonably separate beings around you into allies, enemies, and bystanders. Action to Initiate.

Assassin Training: You are trained in all stealth and disguise tasks.

Tier 2:

Surprise Attack (4 Speed): If you are hidden or your target is unaware of you as a threat, you ignore the targets armor. If you are using a stealth weapon, you deal an additional 2 points. Action.

Tier 3:

Parkour: You are trained in all climbing, jumping, and running tasks. Enabler.

Master Assassin: You are specialized in all stealth and disguise tasks.

Tier 4:

Stealth Attack (2 Speed): When you use Surprise Attack, your attack deals an additional 3 points of damage. If you are using a stealth weapon, you deal an additional 3 points, for a total of 6 extra points of damage. This stacks with Surprise Attack’s effects. Action.

Eagle Eyes (2 Intellect): You extend the duration of Eagle Vision to 1 minute. Action to Initiate.

Tier 5:

Assassin Guild Master: Your exploits attract those whose ancestors were also assassins. You gain two level 4 pupils who act as Tier 3 characters with this focus that follow your orders. If one dies, you or your remaining pupil may spend a month searching for a new pupil. If you lose both, you must spend a month searching for each new pupil. Enabler.

Tools of the Trade: You gain one more stealth weapon to add to your arsenal. You are trained in stealth weapon tasks. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Assassinate (2 Speed): When you use Stealth Attack with a stealth weapon to target a level 5 or below enemy, you kill them outright. Action.

Assassin Grand Master: Your pupils become level 5 who act like Tier 4 characters with this focus. Enabler.

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