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You serve the million gods of the Challifani. You are a priest or a priestress of the Challifani and our word is law in Lhauric. Your main focus is to spread the religion of your cult and demand sacrifices mostly, but not only in form of blood. Through consuming blood you are able to connect to your gods and catch a glimpse of the future or the past. You are not necessarily a bad person, nor do you need to enjoy the gore. It is just a part of your life and how your powers work. Blood means power to you. The stronger or the more ancient blood is the more respectfully you treat it.


GM Intrusion: You made an unworthy sacrifice. Your are demoralized for the next 10 minutes and suffer a penalty of +1 to all your actions during that time.


Pick one PC: He is fascinated of disgusted by your powers. Choose one.

Additional Equipment:

A razorcat born by your parents companions is born the same day as you. During an ancient ritual both of you are linked together through a bloodbond. You are raised together and life together for the rest of your live. This razorcat is more of an equal than an inferior. If one of you dies both of you die.

Esotery Effects:

Your esoteries and focus powers always have a blood taint. You always can use your might pool or sacrificed blood from another creature in order to pay the cost. If you do so the cost increases by 1 point and takes at least an Action – i.e. an esotery or a power with the original cost of 3 Intelligence Points would cost 4 Might Points or 4 Hitpoints of a living creature, thus effectifly killing a level 1 creature. The blood must be consumed during this ritual be either you or your companion.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The gods approve you sacrifice and you only pay half the costs.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Not only you proved yourself worthy but your gods give you an additional insight in your action. Your next action is reduced by 2 steps in your favor.
Tier 1:

Anticipation (2 Intelligence Points): You look ahead to see how your actions might unfold. You have an asset for the first task you perform before the end of the next turn. Enabler.

Beast Companion: A level 2 Razorcat serves as you companion and follows your instructions. Your
companion deals 2 points of damage. Since you both share a blood bond the companion uses your
combined pools and has no separate lifepool. Enabler.

Bloodbond: You have been bonded immediately after your birth to your razorcat. Since this day you
share everything ­ even your life. Your Speed Edge is raised by half the razorcat companion level and
the companion level is added to each of your Pools. Thus you add 1 to your Speed Edge and 2 to each
of your Pools. Every time your Razorcat receives damage, you subtract it from your combined Pools.
You can spend effort in favor of your Razorcat but you are limited by your current level in effort.
Every modifier effects both of you (i.e. If one of you dies, you both die!). Enabler.

Tier 2:

See History (4 Intelligence Points): You drink the blood of a subject and immediately visualize up to three significant events that involved that living being or happened near some point in the past, starting with the more recent. The events are the those that involve intense emotion or sensation, or that had impact on the way history unfolded after the event. The GM decides whether you see the event, gain some understanding of what happened, or receive impressions of what was experienced. Afterward, you have an asset on any task to identify the subject. Action.

Tier 3:

Ask the Gods (4 Might Points): You can ask the GM one question and get a very short answer. Action.

Improved Companion:Your Razorcat increases to level 3. Your companion deals 3 points of damage. Thru your Bloodbond you add in total 2 to your Speed Edge and 3 to each of your Pools. Your companion is now big enough to ride. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Indominateable: Your combined mind becomes nearly indominatable. You are trained in Int Defense as long as you are in 1 mile range of each other. If you are already trained you become specialized instead. Enabler.

Improved Companion: Your Razorcat increases to level 4. Your companion deals 4 points of damage.
Thru your Bloodbond you add in total 2 to your Speed Edge and 4 to each of your Pools. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Intense Bloodbond: When attacking the same target you can decide to skip your companion action and reduce the attack roll by 2 and add +2 to your damage. This does not count as asset. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Feed of Pain: Any time a living being within immediate range suffers damage you can restore point to one of your Pools, up to its maximum. For every 3 points of damage (after Armor subtraction) you can add 1 point to one of your pools. This accounts for friends and foes, only you and your companion are excluded. Enabler.

Improved Companion: Your Razorcat increases to level 5. Your companion deals 5 points of damage. Thru your Bloodbond you add in total 3 to your Speed Edge and 5 to each of your Pools. Enabler.

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