Hales From Another Place, and Another Time

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You aren’t in control of your own fate. All of reality is just a game and you are just a piece in a grand adventure someone else is having. Sometimes though, you get a glimpse of the bigger picture and see the wizard behind the curtain, the people behind the veil of fate tugging at your puppet strings and you use that to your advantage. This world you find yourself in now makes no sense to you.

Epic adventures are now strange and weird problems, terrible fiends are now unknowable entities. Good and evil, justice and righteousness, these were your guiding lights but this place just seems weird, full of exploration and discovery instead of killing things and taking their stuff. You are trying to adapt, but the old ways of thinking stick to you, no matter how hard you try to shake them loose.


GM Intrusion: The universe around you stops as you take a toilet break.


Pick one other PC. You can’t help but feel you recognise them from somewhere, like you shared a previous life together. They are worth two assets whenever they help you with a task.

Additional Equipment:

Ultra-light 10-foot pole, can function as a medium weapon.

Esotery Effects:

Your esoteries have an unusual, old-timey feel about them, giving a brief glimpse as to your true nature.

Major Effect Suggestions:
The GM will overlook you using your phone/distracting other players/etc one more time this session before punishment happens (in the form of XP-less GM intrusions usually)
Tier 1:

Critical Hits: Whenever you roll 20 on an attack, you do x2 damage on light weapons, x3 on medium, x4 on heavy – that is, if you roll again and still land the attack. Enabler.

Five-Foot Step: Almost as if you were born to do it, after any attack, you may choose to make a single five-foot step in any direction. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Full Round Action (2 Might points): Instead of moving and attacking during your round, you can make a more powerful or more precise attack without spending effort, move three times further than normal, or make your next defense roll one step easier.

Cure Light Wounds (3 Intellect points): You have a miraculous ability to heal yourself and those around you by some strange power, roll 1d6+tier to heal the might pool of a single target.

Tier 3:

Attack of Opportunity (3 Speed points): Whenever an enemy moves or performs a complex task near you, you may make a single attack outside of your turn.

Tier 4:

Fudge the Dice (4 Speed points): You distract the world temporarily and change the results of one dice roll to whatever you want. May be used only once per encounter.

Out of Character (4 Intellect points): Relay a single piece of information to another player about a task they are currently involved in regardless of distance.

Tier 5:

Metagaming (3 points, any pool and 1 XP): Knowledge of the world comes easily to you, and rapidly, about things you couldn’t possibly know. Act on information heard from a player/GM conversation, know exactly what is written in the bestiary about an opponent, gain one truthful answer about the quest.

Tier 6:

Lawyering (2 Each of Might, Speed and Intellect): In any deadly situation, an innate knowledge of the world’s functions seems to come to you at last minute. Argue with the GM about potential skills, feats and abilities that may resolve the situation rapidly and your next action becomes two steps easier. May only be used once per session. Action.

5 thoughts on “Hales From Another Place, and Another Time

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Oh. My. Data God… This is possibly the most creative, Dead Pool-esque, and funny focus I have ever read!

    1. Mafi says:

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Nicholas Johnson says:

    I would suggest renaming the focus to “Breaks the Fourth Wall”.

    1. Mafi says:

      It was actually designed to be used with http://ninthworldapocrypha.com/descriptors/pathfinding/
      The idea was a satirical take on bringing DnD players in to Numenera by giving them familiar ground… it just took a bit of a turn for the ridiculous. It’s why the name is “Hales from another time and another place.”

  3. Brad Benedetti says:

    I am Three-Point Esch, First Son of Cook, Second Son of the Coast, and Fourth Son of Gygax.

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