Follows a Superior Being

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Following contact with some strange numenera, your are now on contact with a superior being (AI, Visitant). Since than powers have been granted to you in order to achieve certain tasks. The artifact orders you to do some tasks without without explaining their meaning to you. If you follow the orders is completely up to you but you are afraid of what might happen if you don’t. Maybe everything starts to make sense but only time will show…

Also your sub-consciousness is in contact with you master as long as the numenera artifact is in your possession. Sometimes you have strange dreams or visions which shows places and symbols you do not fully understand.


GM Intrusion: Maybe you understood the task send by your master completely wrong. Instead of filling up a pool via a recovery roll you deal damage instead.


Pick one other PC. The character seems to be of great importance of your master but you don’t know why. Every time you use Lay on Hands on him the difficulty is reduced by one step and he receives 2 additional points of healing.

Additional Equipment:

You still poses the artifact that established the contact with your master. Sometimes it orders you to do some particular task in a foreign language only you can decipher. The device is necessary to channel your powers. Every time you do not try to fulfill a particular task your master is not pleased. You lose the last gained focus powers for 1 day.

Esotery Effects:

Strangely your Esoteries are not influenced by your focus.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You heal +1 additional point with Lay on Hands.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You infuse some of your masters power into the beneficial granting him or her +1 to Might Edge and Speed Edge for one round.
Tier 1:

Lay on Hands (4 Might points): The ones you care on shall receive shelter from your masters might. You can grant one of your recovery rolls including your boni to a chosen character. The granted recovery roll is immediately affective. After a 10 hour rest all recovery rolls are replenished as usual. You must touch the beneficiary. Lay on Hands is a difficult 3 Task. Action.

Inner Strength: You get one additional recovery roll taking 1 action. Enabler.

Acolyte: The GM gives you a little insight in the nature of your god. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Shelter: Your master protects the one following your path. You can affect each character within short range including yourself. A chosen character gets +1 Armor. There is a physical manifestation bound to this Aura, chosen by the GM. Enabler.

Calming Presence: You radiate a calming presence, which brings people around you to trust you. You are trained in social interactions in order to get the trust of people. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Pick Yourself Up: Your master gives you a deeper insight into your failures and empowers you to overcome your weaknesses an those who following you. You can affect each character within short range including yourself. When a chosen character fails a roll, the next turn he performs the same task again he or she gets an asset for this action. There is a physical manifestation bound to this Aura, chosen by the GM. Enabler.

Herald: You add +2 to your recovery roll. Enabler.

Insight: You can ask the GM one question about your master and get a detailed answer. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Holy Smite: The weapons and esoteries of you and your allies are imbued by yours  masters might. You can affect each character within short range including yourself. The chosen character deals 1 additional damage on a successful attack. There is a physical manifestation bound to this Aura, chosen by the GM. Enabler.

The Masters Influence: Your esoteries are now affected by the power of your master. How is up to the GM. Enabler.

Tier 5:

I Will Not Fall: You get two additional recovery rolls taking 1 action each. Enabler.

Radiant: The might of your master reaches even further. Your other focus powers now reaches to long instead of short range . You still have to touch the beneficiary of Lay on hands. Enabler.

Full Awareness: You are able to speak with your master although you might not get an answer. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Never Tell Me The Odds (12 Might/Speed/Intelligence): You are tool of your masters will. Finally you have learned that not only you but everything and every being can be used to achieve your masters will. You can affect each character within long range. You can change the odds and turn a roll into a number between 2 and 19 by spending 12 points from a pool corresponding to the rolled action. If you additionally spend 6 points you can choose 1 and 20 too. Enabler.

Avatar: You add +2 to your recovery roll. Enabler.

Wisdom: You learn about the true nature of your master. Enabler.

One thought on “Follows a Superior Being

  1. T3n3d0s says:

    Yes it is a paladin focus. After reading thru some of the background i tought why not create some kind of paladin order. The thing is, I imaging Numenera/Earth as some kind of aware being, like gaia. I mean there is so much stuff on those planet, which could tore Earth easily apart. So someone has to take care about not blowing everything up. The gaia-like Numenera as super intelligent being handle such stuff via someone how follows order like “Ensure the third book from the seller xyz is placed under a stone of a Statue under charmonde till noon”. In additon i like supporter roles and PC with auras enhance forces the group in order to stay together. I hope you like the idea.

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