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You were always envied for your power, until you were shunned. At an early age, people found your ability to interfere with their thoughts, emotions and fates offputting. You have learned to manipulate first and ask questions later. Your laughter could shatter mirrors, and people steer their children to the opposite side of the street as you pass by. In a world without true alignments, most people still know in their hearts you are probably evil.


GM Intrusion: Sometimes a curse can come back to haunt its caster. Intrusions are likely the dark twins of abilites used by the bearer of the evil eye, or take the judging form of former victims.


Another party member was hired by a frightened village to track you down and end your reign of tyranny, but she discovered there was more to you than their story. Instead of a bounty collected, a new alliance was forged.

Additional Equipment:

A small charm, probably a family heirloom. When presented to Aeon Priests, it makes social interactions with them one step easier, though they will not say why. Also, an alchemical/occult satchel. The satchel holds ingredients and tools you have learned to use over the years. It can be used for 1 week before it needs to be refilled. Refilling requires spending 10 hours in the wilderness looking for ingredients, which can be split up between the days of the week. Without a stocked satchel, enabler abilities (except for apothecary) are deactivated and activate abilities cost 2 more pool points.

Esotery Effects:

Esotaries of the Evil Eye can take the form of a chilling wind, a long shadow, or a green fire with dark smoke. They can also be accompanied by the echoes of screams heard from beyond the beyond.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Target is psychically blinded for one round, seeing instead a terrifying vision of your choosing.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Target is convinced he is a small animal of your choice for 1D6 rounds.
Tier 1:

Hex (1 INT) With a target NPC in full view, you can tamper with their mental abilities and disrupt the performance of a skill, not including attack or defense. This is a mental attack. If successful, the target is unable to complete the action successfully and is delayed 1 round.

Brew (3 INT) Given an hour and access to chemicals, herbs, spices and other ingredients, you can concoct a potion which grants the drinker a minor insight into the future. Their next combat action is one step easier. The effect lasts for one day. The potion must be drunk within an hour of its completion.

Tier 2:

Soothsayer (0 to 2 INT) You are trained in discerning lies or trickery in a sentient target. Additionally, if you have physical contact with the target, this counts as an asset towards determining a lie. Discernment by touch costs 2 Int pool.

Aura Reader When in full view of a target you may make a Intellect based check against a target’s level. If successful, you are able to determine if the target falls into one of the following categories: immediately hostile, socially hostile, wary, ambivalent, or friendly. If unsuccessful, no aura is seen.

Tier 3:

Curse (4 INT) When in full view of a target, or while possessing a piece of that target or an object which belonged exclusively to that target, you can curse the target. Make a mental attack against the target. If successful, the target is cursed for 1 minute. You may either curse one type of defense (might, speed or int) or attacks with one type of weapn (light bladed, medium ranged, etc). You may have one curse on a target at a time. Curse may be used during a movement action without penalty.

Ward (3+ INT) Given one minute of preparation time you can provide a target with a ward worth 1 armor. This ward derives from your conscious sustainment of it, and if you lose consciousness the ward disappears. Each target may only have 1 ward. Each additional ward costs 2 additional INT points. A ward lasts for 1 hour.

Tier 4:

Apothecary You are trained in finding ingredients for your concoctions and abilities. While in the wilderness, you may spend one hour, make a level 3 INT check, and fill your satchel completely. While in an urban setting, you can typically find ingredients for 1D6 shins.

Commune with Dead (4 INT) Given one minute to focus you can commune with those glimmers of the past that exist only in the nanite network. These can answer one question about a location, object or discovery which you have seen within the last 28 hours. You may commune once per hour.

Tier 5:

Bane (6 INT) While in view of a target, or possessing a piece of that target or a something that target owned exclusively, you can inflict a bane on that target. The target suffers an intense pain or confusion, causing all actions to be one step less effective. While your bane is in place, you may make a free mental attack against the target. If successful, you inflict 2 mental damage to the target. Bane is free to maintain, but saps your INT pool if you switch targets, or if your contact with the target is lost for a round.

Foresight You have learned to attune yourself to your surroundings. You are specialized in perceiving ambushes and traps.

Tier 6:

Golem (10+ INT) You can construct a Golem that can follow basic commands, such as follow, protect, guard or keep watch. The Golem is a level 3 creature. Construction requires expenditure of 3 cyphers and 10 hours of work. The cost is 10 INT, +3 INT per additional level of the golem. To maintain the golem requires mental energy. While in operation, your max INT pool is reduced by 3, +1 per level of the golem.

Blood Pact (3+ might) With a sacrifice of blood, you can make temporary peace with a creature. The cost is 2 might + 1 per creature level. After the blood offering, you gain a psychic connection with the creature, and can have a simple communication with it. The creature cannot attack you. If it does, it suffers the double the number of HP as you dedicated might pool to it. This pact lasts for 1 day. If used on a sentient creature, the pact acts as an asset towards social interactions as well.

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