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How long have you been alive? It seems a like a long time, but you don’t feel old. And neither do you look it. You seem to be in the prime of your youth; however, it’s been that way for an unnaturally long time. It’s not just that though. Your wounds never linger for long, and your body seems to always be healthy.


GM Intrusion: For a moment your vitality flees and your age advances for what appears to be centuries. You are treated as if you debilitated for the next round.


Pick one other PC. This PC has a vampiric-like effect on you. When physical contact is established between the two of you, the chosen PC is able to siphon off your vitality. You may transfer points from your pools to the chosen PC as they wish, but cannot they cannot take in excess of their limits. Also, points from one pool cannot be converted into another. For example, if you transfer four points of your intellect pool to the chosen PC, then that PC will receive four points of intellect and not speed and/or might. This transaction takes an action to complete.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You may instantly distribute three points back into your pools.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You may instantly distribute four points back into your pools.
Tier 1:

Regeneration: +2 to your recovery rolls. Enabler.

Experience of a Life Time: You have lived long enough that you know a few tricks with a weapon. Choose one weapon type to become trained in. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Touch of the Immortal (Your next recovery roll): Take a single recovery roll as if it were your own. Transfer all the points from this roll to another’s pools.  You must announce that you are using this power and the intended recipient before rolling. The recipient of the recovered points must be in physical contact with you.

Tier 3:

Regeneration: +2 to your recovery rolls. Enabler.

I Know a Thing or Two: You have gained a new appreciation for the numenera and their intricacies. You are now trained in using, identifying and/or making numenera.

Tier 4:

Elixir of Life (Your next 4 recovery rolls): You concentrate your immortality into a physical substance. This substance can be used to either restore a single pool to its maximum value, heal a single wound, cure a disease/poison, or even restore a lost limb. This ability can also be used in one other dramatic way. At the expense of your own life, the elixir will have the power to bring back a recently deceased (talk with your GM about what this qualifies as) creature. The elixir will not last long, and if not used within the next twenty-eight hours it will lose its potency.

Tier 5:

Regeneration: +2 to your recovery rolls. Enabler.

Ever Improving: You have learned a new trick, and it improves your odds of survival even more. You become trained in one skill of your choice.

Tier 6:

Invulnerability (Your next X recovery rolls): You are immune to death, no matter what its form (this excludes the resurrection powers from the Elixir of Life special ability). For every recovery roll sacrificed for this ability, you become immune to all types of damage for that many rounds.

3 thoughts on “Endures

  1. MalignantMind says:

    For the Tier 3 ability I Know a Thing or Two, is it training in one of the three applications, or all three? That “or” is throwing me off. And for the Tier 6 ability, you may want to reword the first line. In this system it seems flavor text and crunch text are one and the same in most cases, so saying “You are immune to death” is rather powerful. Especially since it would make the Elixir of Life ability even better, with unlimited use of the raise dead ability.
    Other than that, I really like this. I like the idea of a long lived and hard to kill character.

    1. Nicholas Johnson says:

      thanks for the feed back 🙂 I didn’t catch that loophole. I fixed it. The Tier 3 ability is inclusive. I reworded it as and/or it that helps. I also added the condition for the Tier 6 ability that it wont ignore the Elixr of Life cost.

  2. Edward Jeanes says:

    Highlander can now be replicated in Numenera. Huzzah.

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