Dreams of Other Worlds

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In the quiet time between waking and oblivion, you dream of strange places; of worlds uncounted stretching out in an ever-changing sea of possibilities. When you wake something is always subtly different about the world you now inhabit. You live with a constant sense of dissonance eating at you, knowing something odd is happening without being able to precisely pinpoint what it is. Whether you experience it as deja-vu, sudden inspiration or dumb luck; you often find yourself in situations you are uniquely suited to excel in. Nanos are most often the ones to expand their perception of time and space, although jacks can also find themselves lost amid worlds due to unwise experimentation.


GM Intrusion: When observing a fractal, wonder who is observing you; the endless other versions of ‘you’ could shunt your ‘self’ along the infinite chain of the multiverse at any moment, with unexpected results for the world you leave behind.


Pick one other PC. This character knows about the changes that overtake you, and can help you compensate for the alienation you experience.

Additional Equipment:

You have a single small item that always seems to be in your possession, regardless of how many different parallel realities you traverse. If you discard or lose it, it turns up on your person the next day.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You gain a flash of insight from another time and space; decrease the difficulty by 1 the next time you attempt this action.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Across the infinite worlds your action is mirrored in a moment of perfect synchrony, treat your next action as trans-dimensional for affecting objects or creatures spanning multiple dimensions.
Tier 1:

Deep Sleeper.You gain twice your tier in recovered points when resting for 10 hours. Enabler.

Watchful Mind. Despite being asleep, (or unconscious) you are always aware of your surroundings as if fully conscious, you can wake yourself with a thought. Action.


Tier 2:

Fractal Soul. At the same time each night as you sleep you step between worlds, exchanging your ‘self’ for a ‘you’ from a parallel universe similar, but different to your own. For your companions nothing seems to change, but the ‘you’ that wakes up, is not the same. Roll 1d100 to decide what has altered about your character.

01–20 Choose a different trained/specialized skill
21–40 Re-allocate 4 points from Might, Speed or Intellect maximum
41–60 Re-allocate 1 point of Edge
61–80 Choose a different fighting move/trick of the trade/esotery
81–00 Recover all damage from a single attack or effect within the last 28hrs


Tier 3:

Worldwander.  (Varies) The truth of your abilities is becoming clearer to you, when you step into a new world, you can nudge your path toward one with a specific difference. Enabler.

  • A Minor difference (3 Intellect points) – choose something different about the ‘you’ that exchanges, such as one of the changes from the table above.
  • A Major difference (6 intellect points) – choose something different about the world your ‘self’ enters, perhaps a door that was locked is open, something destroyed was not, or someone you offended is now friendly.


Tier 4:

Eyes Wide Open. (4 Intellect points) Focusing your mind into a meditative state, you find that you can move between worlds even when wide awake. Although your sanity can only bare this once per day. Action.

Wakeful Mind. You no longer need to sleep in order to recover points, effects that would put you to sleep or render you unconscious are 1 step easier to resist. Enabler.


Tier 5:

Worlds Without End. (1+ Intellect points) Your powers have grown beyond your metaphysical form, you can bring a number of living creatures with your ‘self’ when you Worldwander. It costs an additional Intellect point per target traversed in this manner. Those moved between worlds only remain for a number of minutes equal to your tier. Once this time expires they return to their original place amid the myriad worlds. This can be attempted in tandem with a minor difference (choose 1 difference about the target exchanged) or a major difference (choose a difference about the world you and the target ente). Otherwise roll on the Fractal Soul table for each target traversed. Enabler.


Tier 6:

Sojourner. (4+ Intellect points) The existential wonders of the possibility curve are now open to you. With effort you can move at will between worlds multiple times a day, the initial move costs 4 Intellect points, every additional move within 28 hours increases the cost by 1. Action.


3 thoughts on “Dreams of Other Worlds

  1. TT says:

    This ones a bit rough around the edges. The crunch is to get a character that can alter themselves and others to suit a situation, with increasing levels of control as they progress up the tiers. The fluff is to present a character locked in an existential crisis.

  2. Daniel Pires says:

    Now is my favorite focus. Beautiful made! Thanks!

  3. TT says:

    It strikes me now that I look back at it, that this foci gone horribly wrong is a good way to explain how a person became a Dimensional Husk, maybe even somthing for GMs to do with the character if they die, or a good reason to intrude a swarm of Abykos on the poor player.

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