Dances on The Wind

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The sky: The single most dangerous weapon in The Ninth World, if you know how to use it. Wind Dancer’s are able to work the winds in ways no one else can. Able to float through the air as easily as some walk, many think you’re a playful weather sprite, or other divine being… But we both know better than that.

You probably wear loose, almost transparent clothing, something that looks good when its thrown about by the wind. You’re a fan of bright colors, most commonly a mixture of light greens and blues.

Although Jacks seem most suited to being speedy little Wind Dancers, Glaives often benefit from the increased mobility offered by the sky.


GM Intrusion: Sometimes manipulating the wind can be dangerous. Just a slight change in air pressure can create a massive storm.


Pick one other PC. This PC once asked to dance with you, and you found your abilities work as well with them as they do with you. You can use any of the abilities you can use on yourself on this PC.

Additional Equipment:

You have a fist sized oddity that displays information about the weather and wind patterns in strange symbols. Its taken you years to decipher it, but you mostly know what the symbols and numbers mean. Mostly.

Esotery Effects:

If you perform esoteries, those that would normally use force instead use wind, and those that would use energy instead use electricity. For example, force blasts from Onslaught are powerful bursts of wind, and Flash is a burst of Lightning. Another example is Barrier, which produces several small tornadoes. In this case the alteration changes the esotery so that the barrier is not solid but instead traps anything or anyone that touches it for the duration.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The duration of the effect is doubled.
Major Effect Suggestions:
An important item on the target's person is flung away from them.
Tier 1:

Dancer: You are trained in dancing. Enabler.

Power of a Typhoon (1 Intellect point): The wind flows through you. Your attacks pack an extra punch for ten minutes, inflicting 1 additional point of damage per attack. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Wind Walker (4 Speed points): You can move through the air as easily as you walk across the ground. You can fly through the air for ten minutes. You can’t carry other creatures with you. Action to activate.

Guide the Wind (2 Intellect points): You can use the wind to move an object half your size or smaller. Action.

Tier 3:

Grace of a Summer Breeze: You gain +3 to your Speed Pool and +1 to your Speed Edge. Enabler.

Thin the Air (3+ Intellect points): You thin the air in a 3m sphere (+1 meter for each additional Intellect point) to the point that it becomes difficult for people other than you (and the PC you’re connected to) to breathe. The difficulty of all Might tasks is increased by one step, the difficulty of all Speed tasks is decreased by one step (reduced drag from lack of air pressure), and anyone who remains in the area for 5 minutes passes out.  Action to activate.

Tier 4:

Storm Bringer (6 Intellect points): You summon a small storm to attack your enemies with. This storm is anywhere between 3 and 50 feet large (1 – 15m) and does 2 damage every minute for 6 minutes. You can select what type of storm (Rain, Ice, Snow, Lightning) Action to activate.

Tier 5:

Wind Blades: You are able to use the wind itself in place of a regular weapon. The Wind counts as a number of Knives for all intents and purposes. Power of a Typhoon can be used on Wind Blades. Enabler.

Tier 6:

One with The Wind (6 Intellect points): You become wind for one minute. You can fit through small holes, cracks, keyholes, etc. and you can’t be affected by normal matter or energy and likewise cannot affect anything. The exception to this is fire, which does twice as much damage to you in Wind Form. You can still use your other Wind Dancer abilities. After 1 minute you move to the nearest space with enough room for your physical body and return to your solid form. You can end the effect early if you so choose. Action to activate.

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