Conjures from Thin Air

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What’s that in your hand? Now they see it, now they don’t. You can pull objects, sometimes even creatures, seemingly from nowhere. It isn’t just skill, either; you can transcend the bounds of space to pull things from afar or send them away.

As a conjurer you might dress flamboyantly, or you might cloak yourself in dark colors. The important thing about your clothes is that they are roomy enough to conceal things in. You wear light armor if any.

Conjurers are most likely to be jacks, but nanos also find conjuration useful. A glaive who conjures from thin air is never without a weapon.


GM Intrusion: You pull something from your hat – or sleeve, or whatever – that you didn’t put there or didn’t intend. Perhaps it’s the evidence that you picked someone’s pocket (whether or not you actually did), or maybe it’s the pin from your detonation cipher.


Pick one other PC. That PC is in on your tricks. You can conceal an item on your assistant’s body as easily as on your own if that PC is within short range.

Additional Equipment:

You have a set of tailoring tools.

Esotery Effects:

Transient Esoteries: The visible and audible effects of any esotery that you use seem to flicker in and out of existence. Now you see them, now you don’t. This does not make your esoteries harder to detect, however. If anything, they are even louder and flashier.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You can move a second item of equal or lesser size.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You can move an item from or to one range block further. If the ability in use normally works at immediate range you can use it at short range, or you can use a short range ability at long range.
Tier 1:

Hidden Pockets: All of the garments in your wardrobe have been modified to make concealing items easier. You have an asset on any task to conceal an item on your person. You also have enough tailoring skill to add hidden pockets to a garment that you acquire; an hour of work is sufficient. The garment must be made of flexible fabric – you cannot modify rigid materials like metal or hard synth. Enabler.

Prestidigitation: You are trained in sleight-of-hand.

Tier 2:

Light Fingers (1 Speed point): You can take a small item – something small enough to conceal in a pocket – from someone within immediate range as a contested Speed action. You must either be able to see the item or know that it is there. If the target wins you still take the item; they just know that you’ve taken it. A reverse application lets you plant an item on someone instead.

Shell Games: You reduce the difficulty of deception tasks by one step. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Switcheroo. You can take an item and plant an item as part of the same action.  You can use this ability with conjuring powers or with simple sleight-of-hand.  Enabler.

Now You See It (+1 Speed point). You can use Light Fingers at short range.

Tier 4:

Now You Don’t (+2 Speed points): You can use Light Fingers on an object as large as a medium weapon.  You can combine this ability with Now You See It by paying the extra Speed cost for both.

Master Magician: You are specialized in sleight-of-hand.

Tier 5:

Apportation (2+ Speed points): You can use your conjuring abilities to move living things. The cost is 2 Speed points for a creature small enough to be secreted in a pocket, 3 Speed points for a creature that could be hidden in a backpack or saddlebag, or 4 Speed points for a creature that could be concealed under a cloak.  The creature is not under your control unless you have trained it.  You can keep the creature safely contained for up to 28 hours.

Quicker Than the Eye: You have +4 to your Speed pool. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Abracadabra (4 Speed points): You truly make an item disappear; it is not just concealed, it passes into the void between worlds.  Perishable items are kept fresh indefinitely, and living things are kept alive for as long as they remain in the void. Combining this power with Apportation requires that you pay the cost for that ability as well.

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