Commands the Drit

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Throughout your life, the drit has always done what you wanted. That ball once rolled up hill when you wanted it to. The bully in your village tripped into a deep hole that wasn’t there a moment before. Over time these events started to occur more and more often and you began to exert your control over them. The drit has slowly become your weapon of choice and your greatest ally. While drit is almost everywhere in the Ninth World, it does not exist in every place your journeys takes you. This may cause you to be afraid of the water as your powers mean nothing upon the seas, or maybe you have found your own clever workarounds to the problem. In either case your clothing is most likely to be dirty and soiled by your powers most of the time, or maybe you wear brown or black clothes to hide the stains better. A Nano might benefit the most from this focus, but Jacks and Glaives could also make use of its abilities.


GM Intrusion: Sometimes your emotions take control of the drit and cause unintentional harm to your allies. Maybe a hole swallows them into the ground, or they get launched into the air by a sudden swell in the ground.

  1. Pick one other PC. This PC once was caught in a mudslide on one of your shared adventures and blames you for the incident thinking you caused it. Whether this is true or not is up to you.
  2. Pick one other PC. This PC seems to extend the reach of your powers. If you are within Short Range of this PC any of your focus abilities can be cast as if having been conducted from the other PC’s location.
  3. Pick two other PCs. The first PC sometimes attracts drit under your control to his body like a magnet. Making any task related to your focus powers one level harder if you are within immediate range of them. The second PC seems to cancel out this effect if they are standing nearby as well.
  4. Pick one other PC. You once made a friendly gesture towards this PC using your control of the drit. Perhaps summoning a flower, or trying to making them a place to rest. This gesture was ultimately rejected and you still can’t understand why. The other PC should create a reason for why the gesture was rejected. This creates a great opportunity for the characters to interact.
Additional Equipment:

You have an oddity that points the way towards the nearest source of drit in the form of a glass orb with a yellow streak with a red tip as the indicator (Usually points straight down at the drit under your feet).

Esotery Effects:

All your esoteries are made through the use of manipulating the drit. For example the Onslaught esotery is really you pummeling the enemy with a wave of drit and Flash could be a miniature earthquake localized at a location of your choosing.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You shift the drit underneath your enemy's feet and put them off balance. Your next action is made one level easier against that enemy.
Major Effect Suggestions:
You throw a small amount of pulverized drit into the eyes of your opponent, blinding them for the next two rounds.
Tier 1:

Arms of Earth (2 Intellect points): You form the drit into two long tendrils that can be used exert force up to short range away. These tendrils can accomplish any task that you would be able to with your own body, and draw from your Intellect Pool when Effort is applied through them. If used in an attack they deal 3 points of damage. The tendrils last for one minute. Action to initiate. Action to direct.

Tier 2:

Protective Layering (3+ Intellect points): When physically threatened you are able to summon up walls, shields or other defenses to protect you. These defenses grant you training in Speed Defense for one hour. If you spend a level of Effort at the activation of this power the drit also grants 1 points of armor for the same duration. Action to initiate.

Tier 3:

Crafted Drit (3 Intellect points): With some concentration, and time, you can form the drit into almost any shape you want. The time required to shape each shape will be determined by the GM, but generally a small object, like a hole in the ground, will take four rounds and crude shelter could take up to ten minutes. The shape that the drit takes on can only be formed within short range and last for as long as the character maintains their concentration. Moving more than an immediate distance or being attacked is usually enough to brake your concentration. Action to initiate.

Tier 4:

Dust Storm (5+ Intellect points): The drit swarms into a great cloud around your location blotting the vision of your foes while leaving those you indicate free from its effects. The dust storm causes all your foes within long range to become partially blinded by the swirling bits of sand, dirt and rock. Any enemies that rely on sight as a sense are treated as one level lower while within the dust storm. For every level of Effort you apply the dust storm will bring down the light level within long range by one step. This must be applied on a round by round basis, or the storm will revert to its base state. The dust storm lasts for one minute, or until you dismiss it. Action to initiate. Action to dismiss.

Tier 5:

Instantaneous Defense: Your “Protective Layering” ability no longer requires an action to initiate and instead becomes an enabler ability. This does not mean that it costs nothing, it simply means that you can form your walls almost without thinking about it and can activate them as a part of a defense action. Enabler.

Improved Arms of Earth: Your “Arms of Earth” ability can now either reach out to long range and do an additional point of damage, or you can sprout an additional set of tendrils within Short range allowing for a single action from both sets of tendrils (for a total of two actions each turn), so long as they remain within short range of yourself. Enabler.

Tier 6:

Ground into Drit (8 Intellect points): You can target any object, or creature and begin the process of grinding it into a fine drit. This process is very painful and inflicts 9 points of damage to a creature, or object, within Short range. This damage is caused internally by the abrasion of matter, and so, ignores armor. When an object or creature is reduced to 0 health its mass is converted into a fine pile of drit.

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