Climbs to the Canopy

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You hail from one of the great forests of the Ninth World, and are as at home in the trees as you are on solid ground – probably even more so. In these environments, the plants rule – animals live on their sufferance. You have a healthy respect for the flora of the Ninth World, and a more than usual connection with it; you are happiest when surrounded by the mighty trees of your homeland, and many of your particular skills derive from your link with these floral powers.


GM Intrusion: Even adept climbers sometimes fall – vines break, moss makes tree bark slippery, and boughs may break under too great a weight.


Following the format of the Character Options supplement, please choose a connection from the following. Pick a PC:

  1. This character does not appear to appreciate the wonder and majesty of the great forests. You hope that you will be able to change their mind over the course of the adventure.
  2. This character appears to treat all plant life with respect, and takes especially care around large trees; you feel a bond with them over their connection with the floral kingdom.
  3. You once led this character on a journey through the forest. You accidentally fed them with noxious berries, and nearly caused them serious and permanent injury. Now, they appear to distrust your herb lore (and probably you as well).
  4. Thus character disrupts your connection with the natural world. When they are in your immediate vicinity (while in the wilderness), the difficulty of any task you undertake is increased by one step.
Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your climbing/leaping prowess is particularly effective – you jump twice as far (if you wish to) or climb twice as quickly as you would otherwise have done.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Nearby plants trip and hinder your foe; for one round, you gain +1 to your rolls to attack/defend against them.
Tier 1:

Tree-dweller: You are trained in climbing, jumping, and rope-related tasks. Enabler.

Forager: You are trained in identifying forest plants and creatures, and tracking whilst in wooded (or other well-vegetated) environments. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Meld with Plants (2 Intellect points): You can call upon local flora to mask your presence. This gives you an asset to any attempts to hiding or ambushing, as long as you remain still. This skill only takes effect if there is vegetation around that can hide you. Action to initiate.

Natural Poison: You are trained in making natural poisons from plants. Enabler.

Tier 3:

Controlled Descent: When falling, you reduce the damage taken by half on a successful Speed roll (against 1 level of difficulty for every 20 ft fallen). If this fall takes place in a forest, you reduce the damage by half again. If you reduce the difficulty of the fall to 0, you take no damage at all. This only takes effect if you are able to take actions. Enabler.

Tier 4:

Forest Fruits (4 Intellect points): Once per day, you can coax forth 4 fruits from a nearby plant. These fruits take 1 hour to grow, and replenish 2 points to any one pool (chosen by the player when the action is taken). The fruits can be given to anyone, and will work for whosoever eats them. Action to initiate.

Tier 5:

Strength of the Vine (4 Intellect points): You can call upon the forest to grant you the strength and suppleness of the vine, for a period of ten minutes. You become trained in Speed and Might defense while this skill is effect. Further, you gain Armour bonus (+1) against most attacks: this armour is negated when facing any weapon or effect that causes fire damage (in this case, you suffer an additional +1 damage). Action.

Tier 6:

Verdant Champion: In well-vegetated environments (forests, swamps, grasslands, etc), you gain a +1 bonus to your Might, Speed, and Intellect edges.

Forest Guide: You manipulate vegetation on a subconscious level: you, and anyone who follows you into a forested environment, gains an asset on their climbing and jumping skills.

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  1. Rogue Nova says:

    Wow, this actually really nice, and you thought it out pretty well; might just make a character with this. Hope you can make more!

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