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Your skin and body has always felt like a prison, from which esoteries allow you to escape and soar beyond. Sometimes those in your predicament turn to science, religion or even mysticism to try and understand the Numenera and its relation to every day life. Through some devotion, understanding and hard work you have uncovered one of the ancient’s most prized secrets: energy. Even today it surrounds us, in the sun and the water and the flesh. But when reshaping the world in their image, they needed vast stores of energy to tap on demand. You have uncovered a remnant of this idea. Maybe its a pocket universe full of stars, an ultraterrestrial dimension undulating with chemicals…maybe something stranger. Regardless, it manifests itself to you and your surroundings as a creature you find close and endearing.

Those that Channel Energy are sometimes called Sorcerers by the less learned of the Ninth World. The more learned do not have a specific name, unless the “Sorcerer” himself comes up with one. You are likely to wear clothes that betray your learned appearance, but are not necessarily a book worm. Nanos and Jacks are especially suited towards this tier, however more scholarly Glaives could choose this Focus.


GM Intrusion: Energy, even in your controlled release and control can be dangerous. Your failed esotery backfires, shocking you for 4 points of electrical damage that ignores armor.

  1. The PCs witnessed the destruction you can wreak, and thought you would make a good bodyguard.
  2. One of the PCs died, and using your powers resuscitated them back to life. Whether they feel indebted to you or are simply your friend is up to you.
  3. One of the PCs is a nano or a scientist, and wishes to accompany you around to study how your powers work, or study the strange bond you have with your familiar (see below).
  4. One of the PCs has an artefact that runs off of electricity. They occasionally ask you to give it a jolt to get it running again.
Additional Equipment:

You have a small necklace, ring, or token in the shape of your familiar (see below).

Esotery Effects:

Your familiar is your connection with a great source of energy and the Numenera. Visually, not much is changed about your esoteries. However your familiar acts like a point of power from which you can cast your esoteries. It isn’t a requirement, but feeds the esoteries a much needed boost.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your familiar gains a brief surge of energy and harasses your foe, making it 1 step more difficult to hit you.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your power creates a bright flash of light, temporarily blinding your foe for 1 turn.
Tier 1:

Daemon: Choose one creature that you are either familiar with or have studied to some extent. Once you make this decision, you cannot change it. A strange manifestation of your powers comes in the form of an animated companion. Perhaps it is in the form of a long lost family pet, or a creature you were fascinated with as a child. The daemon is what gives you your strange powers, whether you were born with it, implanted it in your chest, or it is a manifestation of the datasphere that is “linked” to you. The daemon is on average the size of your arm and made of translucent material (meaning it can’t just phase through objects), which means it cannot attack- or be attacked. The daemon only makes sounds at your discretion.

Powerful but Strange: Your command over energy and emotional nature makes it difficult for people to understand or sympathize with you. All pleasant interactions are increased in difficulty by 1.

Tier 2:

Powerful and Imposing: Due to your powerful nature, it is easy to intimidate others. Intimidation and unpleasant social checks are 1 difficulty step easier.

Relativity (2 Intellect): Drawing energy from your daemon, you are able to temporarily create a barrier of energy over yourself. This barrier gives you training in speed defence actions for tier minutes. You can decide if the barrier is opaque or translucent, and what it looks like when struck by an object/weapon. You can dispel this power as an action.

Tier 3:

Grounded: You have become more resistant to electrical and energy based damage. Any time you would take electrical or energetic damage that would normally ignore armour, it no longer does for you. Enabler.

Electric Flare(2 Intellect): You fire a bolt of raw energy at a foe within long range. It does 4 points of electrical damage that ignores armor. Action.


Tier 4:

Impulse(4 Intellect Points): Your daemon delivers small jolts of electricity to the wounds of your allies, causing the healing process to over-clock. The next recovery roll you and all your allies within immediate range make gains an extra tier bonus.


Tier 5:

Catalyst(5 Intellect Points): Using energy from your daemon you are able to create a field of energy around you that provides 10 armour against physical attacks. This armour is ablative, meaning the amount of armour the shield provides diminishes as it takes damage (in total it only provides against 10 damage). When the shield runs out, everyone in an immediate distance must succeed on a difficulty 3 speed task or take 5 points of electrical damage that ignores armour. This field goes over your normal armor, essentially replacing it until depleted.

Tier 6:

Transposition(6 Intellect points): Select two targets within long range of you. In relation to each other, they must be within short range. You cause these targets to switch places with each other. Because of the disorientating nature of this power, the two targets must make difficulty 6 might checks or loses their next action. Certain creatures like Ultraterrestrials and high-level Automatons do not lose their next action by default.

3 thoughts on “Channels Energy

  1. TT says:

    Pretty solid, but ‘energy’ is a bit vague, are we talking Electrical? Heat? Gamma? Quantum Conversion? Plus, the Energetic Flare and Transposition elements bleed over a bit with the ‘Rides the Lighting’ focus. Instead of Transposition you might want to have the ability to generate a shield, like a nanos ward ability, except that attacks strikeing the bubble around you discharges it outward in an AOE until it is exhausted. Or if you want somthing stranger have the characters blood become a volitile superconductor, so causing point damage to them deals damage to the attacker. Maybe even work it into the Relativity and Converter abilitys so that your Familiar acts as a ‘point pool’ and your draw upon it to create items, shields or heal lost points.

    1. WalrusAbove says:

      I purposefully left energy vague. I want players using this focus to choose how exactly the energy would manifest itself. In my view, the energy is quantum conversion energy, taken from the player’s vast resevoir. You are right, Transposition was a bit too much like the Ride the Lightning powers, so I changed it. Instead of acting as a generic teleport, it switches place with someone. Thanks for the great suggestions!

      1. TT says:

        Looks good.

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