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A common sci-fi character is the shape changer that can assume the identity of another. Some agent, mechanical or biological, allows them to change many details of their appearance and infiltrate where even the most brazen thief would have trouble penetrating.

Jacks are most likely to choose this foci, but a glaive assassin who could walk right up to his prey and level a lethal attack would be a force to be reckoned with.


GM Intrusion: Some minor fact or feature beyond your knowledge trips you up. +1 difficulty level for the next encounter while you try to calm the NPC's now heightened suspicions.


Pick one PC. That character can recognize you no matter what form you assume.

Additional Equipment:

Disguise kit. (Disguise kit – 5 shin – acts as an asset for disguise rolls if used. Application takes 10 minutes. Includes generic clothing, two wigs, makeup and putty, and a small mirror)

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your disguise is so effective that your next social interaction with this NPC will be one step in your favor.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Your disguise is so effective that your social interactions with this NPC is one step in your favor for the next hour.
Tier 1:

Master of Disguise: At this Tier you can alter your features slightly with no effort. You are also instinctively adept at the arts of mimicry. Trained in disguise, mimicking sounds and voices, and mimicking mannerisms of individuals.  You are also trained in intellect tasks to remember details such as appearance, voice, movements, and mannerisms of a subject after a short but reasonable period of studying them (at least one minute). Further you can extrapolate further reactions based on this short examination. At this level you still need a disguise kit to effect radical changes.  Enabler.

Tier 2:

Morphing (1 Might): Over ten minutes you can change your bone structure, facial features, hair and eye color, your height, apparent sex, hair length, etc. The only fixed quality is your mass and that you must transform into a basic humanoid shape. This change acts as an asset for disguise actions and escape actions. Morphing can be used as an asset to escape bonds. Action.

Camouflage (1 Might): asset to hiding while stationary and nearly nude. One Hour.  Action.

Tier 3:

Advantageous Morphing (3 Might): You have mastered the shape changing arts to a greater extent.. You can give yourself an advantage above and beyond simple face changing. The following list of abilities are available to you. You can only have one active at any time. Last one hour. More might can be expended to add to the duration. Action.

  • Body Cavity – Store up to one foot square of material in your body without an outward sign.
  • +1 armor
  • Trained in movement (climbing, swimming, jumping, running). One movement type at a time.
  • Internal Mastery – trained in might defense
  • Preternatural Grace – trained in speed defense

Morphing Weapons: you can reshape your flesh and bone to create crude light weapons. These weapons can be slashing, bludgeoning, or piercing

Tier 4:

Quick Morphing (3 Might): As Morphing but only takes one minute. You are now specialized in escaping bonds. Action.

Shape Shifters Blessing: trained in Might defense actions to resist having your form changed. Additionally you gain one extra single action recovery roll per day. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Doppelganger: Specialized in disguise and mimicry. With the briefest examination you can commit a subject’s appearance, movements, voice, and speech pattern to memory. You are specialized in intellect tasks to remember such details. Enabler.

Instant Morphing (5 Might): As Morphing but only takes one round. Action.

Tier 6:

Perfect Morph: Morphing provides an additional asset for disguise actions for a total of two. This includes the illusion of clothing and jewelry of any quality, texture, or appearance.  Action.

Superior Camouflage (3 Might): +2 asset on hiding rolls even while moving. 10 Min. Action.

Major Morph (5 Might): You have complete control over the elasticity of your flesh and a great control over your internal organs and processes as well. You may have one of the following or an option from Major Morphing active at any time. Duration One Hour. Action.

  • Armored +2 (can be combined with Advantageous Morphing’s Armor for a total of +3)
  • Flight movement long
  • Running movement long
  • Trained in Might Defense (can be combined with the ability from Advantageous Morphing to be specialized)
  • Trained  in Speed Defense ( as above)

Greater Morphing Weapon:  You can create a medium weapon similar to those from Tier 3 but more refined and deadly. Action.

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