Calls on the Heavens

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Far above the Earth lies a vast and largely untapped network of satellites. These satellites have varying uses and purposes. But you, whether through an innate gift or a learned skill, know not only what they are capable of, but how to wield their power as your own. You can communicate to the massive satellite array orbiting the Earth and use it to reconstruct the playing as you see fit.


GM Intrusion: Your link to the star net has been temporarily disconnected, leaving you disoriented and stunned for one round.


Pick one other PC, your satellites seem to have a preference for him. You can always tell where they are at all times.

Additional Equipment:

A small trinket, be it a watch or one kind of necklace, that is transparent and when used like a lens shows the locations of multiple different satellites in the sky. As well as possibly stating their intended purpose.

Esotery Effects:

Most of your esoteries are likely drawn from the sky if at all possible.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
You gain a sudden knowledge upload from an overhead library satellite. You have an asset on your next knowledge based roll.
Major Effect Suggestions:
One of your spyglass satellites points directly at your enemy, flashing a bright light on them and blinding them for one round.
Tier 1:

Stargazer: You are considered trained in astronomy and navigating by using the stars.

Blink (2 Intellect Points): Upon accessing a spatial relocation satellite, you are now able to instantly teleport yourself up to an immediate distance. If used in combat, this count as an action. You can use this to move through walls or obstacles, however if the wall is too thick, there is not guarantee you will reappear or that you won’t get stuck inside the wall. Action.

Tier 2:

Mineral Scanner (3 Intellect Points): At any time, you may activate a mineral and resource scanning satellite to search the local area for a specific resource. You must have at least one pound of the resource you are searching for on your person all ready as an example. However, this cannot be used to track organic material. The search are is roughly one mile in diameter and gives you the general direction, not the exact location. Effort can be spent to increase the search area by one mile for each level spent. This effect lasts 10 minutes. Action to activate.

Tier 3:

Star whisperer: You are now considered to be specialized in astronomy and navigating by using the stars.

Eagle Eye (4 Intellect Points): After a successful Level 2 intellect check, you are able to tap into an overhead satellite surveillance array. Granting you a top down view of the local area out to 3 square miles. This counts as an asset towards perception when outdoors. Detail can be seen up to recognize individuals while looking down with this method, but not enough to read anything off of a piece of paper or the like. Action to activate.

Tier 4:

Hand of the Gods (6 Intellect Points): Using your alignment to a powerful mining satellite, you summon a large beam of light down from the sky somewhere within 100 feet. This beam is powerful enough to deal damage equal to your tier. Effort can be spent to increase the damage by 2 points per level spent. This is also the level of the material it can cut through. This ability can be used even while underground, but there is no guarantee that the beam will reach your target. Action.

Tier 5:

Sat Comm (7 Intellect Points): You are able to establish a basic communication network with other members of your party. You may pick up to 2 other members of your party and establish an instant comm link with them via a communication satellite. This link lasts for one hour and you must touch both members to activate it. Range is irrelevant but should any one member leave the planet or travel too far underground, the signal will likely be lost. You may spend levels of effort to increase the number of people connected via your comm link. This is not telepathy, you must speak out loud for your companions to hear you.

Tier 6:

Falling Skies (9 Intellect Points): You are now able to summon a massive chunk of space debris and command it to fall anywhere within 500 feet. After summoning it, it will arrive and smash into your targeted area on your next turn. The impact deals 20 points damage to everyone within 50 feet of the impact point. Effort can be spent to bring down more debris, either increasing the damage, or the radius of the effect.

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