Breaks the 4th Wall

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GM Intrusion: Your knowledge of the world is seen as insanity by others. Make of that what you will.

  1. Pick another PC. Their character finds your rambles annoyingly distracting. Any roll to assist you is increased by 1 step.
  2. Pick another PC. Their character is intrigued by you and observes you, whether either of you know it or not.
  3. Pick another PC. You can’t help but feel they are from SOMETHING else you, the player, knows and keep questioning them about it, much to their irritation.
  4. Pick another PC. You blame his player whenever something goes wrong, even if it had NOTHING to do with them, as such the player, and thus their character, begins to dislike you, and your ‘madness’, more and more.
Additional Equipment:

You’re a game character, so why not make the most of your artificial life with some games of chance? You ALWAYS have dice or cards on you SOMEWHERE regardless of the situation, or what just happened, even if you are buck naked… Don’t ask where you keep ’em though.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
While voicing your opinions is not easy for you, sometimes you do say intellegent (For the setting) things. +1 Assest for the next vocal 'skill' used.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Not everyone can convey God's will, but you manage to find a way to do so, instilling a blessing unto your own voice for the next time you speak. +2 Assests for the next vocal 'skill' used.
Tier 1:

Pool Bar weapon (2 Unresisted Pool): You take the bar that represents your might, speed, or intellect pool and use it as a weapon class based on a precentage of how full it is. Damage done to the pool is unaffected by Edge. Action to start.

Tier 2:

Meme (3+ Intellect points): Your ‘rantings’ to one person of this world about any other confuse them, making everything they do 1 step harder. You may spend more Intellect to increase the number of people affected

Tier 3:

Steal the GM’s sheet (2 Might and Intellect): You yoink the enemy sheets out of the GM’s ‘hands’ seeing their HP and skills.

Tier 4:

Request the GM (5 Intellect points): The CHARACTER makes a request to the GM (God). Since this is only a request, the GM may say yay or nay, so speak carefully.

Tier 5:

Gamer Life (1 Shin + Proper Cost): You spend a shin to summon a soda, which allows you to use 1 attack from any game. The GM decides the exhaustion cost of this attack.

Tier 6:

Starman (12 Intellect points): Armor and Attack Damage = 6 for 2 turn.

3 thoughts on “Breaks the 4th Wall

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Seems like a very lazy focus, that me and my friends were actually thinking of making. love the idea, but the exacution could use a lot of work

    1. IonaItova says:

      If you’d like to give Ideas on how to make it better, feel free to comment with them, or send a note or whatever. I’m open for making it better.

  2. tygertyger says:

    As a GM I would never allow this in a game I was running, but as humor it is spot on.

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