Bears an Ancient Blade

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Whether by chance or fate you have been chosen to become the bearer of an ancient and powerful weapon. This sword is your closest companion and you alone are able to interpret its will. Each swing is a question, and each kill an answer. It may be unclear how you came about having this weapon. Perhaps you found it, perhaps it found you? It doesn’t matter now. What matters is that you have it. And with it you find yourself capable of great things.


GM Intrusion: You are so concerned with the condition of your sword, that you don't notice the large tree ready to fall on you.


Pick one other PC. For some reason, this PC may carry your sword without any negative consequences.

Additional Equipment:

A well crafted sheath for your sword that will not wear down and cannot be broken or damaged without great effort.

Esotery Effects:

Should the user of this focus wield esoteies, they would probably appear in the form of your chosen blade.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
Your remarkable prowess with your sword has frightened your opponent. Your next action against them is one step easier.
Major Effect Suggestions:
Upon completing your attack you managed to strike an enemy so accurately that they are now stunned and must skip their next turn.
Tier 1:

Blade Bearer: You have been granted a blade of remarkable power. Pick one artifact sword(or create one with your GM’s approval). You are now it’s chosen wielder. This sword no longer requires a depletion roll, and only you may wield it without things going horribly for anyone else(Equivalent of a GM intrusion). Should it be lost or broken it will return to your hand in 1D6 actions.

Lost Knowledge: You are trained in ancient lore.

Tier 2:

Shock and Awe (3 Might points): You stab your sword into the ground releasing a burst of energy that knocks back any individual who fails to resist within immediate range. Knocked back an immediate distance. Affected targets take 4 points of damage.Action

Bloodied Blade: Through experience and proper use, you now deal +2 damage with your chosen blade.

Tier 3:

Boomerang: You may now treat your sword as a ranged weapon that will upon command immediately return to your hand should it be thrown at an enemy. Should it be lost or broken, it now returns to your hand in half the time.(minimum 1 round)

Disengage (3 Speed points): With a strong swing of your blade you send out a blast of energy that knocks any opponent in immediate range back up to a short range away and dealing 4 points of damage. You may spend a level of effort to increase the effective range out to short range.Action

Tier 4:

Intertwining Minds (5 Speed points): Both you and your blade seem to understand one another on a fundamental level. When needed, it will simply appear in the right spot to block an incoming blow. For the Next minute you gain a single asset to speed defense as your blade helps to intercept incoming attacks.Action

Scholar of the Lost: You are now specialized in Ancient Lore.

Tier 5:

Split through Reality (7 Speed points): Your blade is now so sharp and your understanding so profound it can cut through nearly anything, including the very fabric of reality. With a well made swing of your blade, you may tear open gateways between spaces, allowing you to travel up to long distance without spending an action to do so. Additionally, should you break or lose your chosen blade, it now returns to you hands instantly.Enabler

Tier 6:

Blade of the Unbroken (6+ Might points): Both you and your blade are now a truly unstoppable force. In addition to your blade now being completely unbreakable, you may now instantly strike down any level 3 foe with a single swipe. Assuming you roll successfully to hit them, you also gain an additional action. Allowing you to chain together strikes, killing multiple enemies within a single action. Any effort used to hit the first is carried onto the next strike. The player may also expend effort to increase the level of the foe they wish to kill up to a max of level 6.Action

Bloodier Blade: Your remarkable amount of practice and study with your sword has truely paid off. You now deal an additional +2 with your chosen blade.(this stacks with Bloodied Blade, granting a total of +4)

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