Basks in the Sun

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Either through genetic mutation or complex surgical implants, you gained an ability to shed light everywhere you go as well as gain some form of control over it. Some people treat you as an angel or another divine being, although you most likely know nothing of divine matters.

You probably wear loose, white or transparent garments that do not dull your powers. That is if you feel the need to wear any clothing at all.

Although nanos seem most suitable for commanding light, glaives frequently make use of abilities that let them hinder their opponents.


GM Intrusion: Bright illumination can attract unwanted creatures.


Pick one PC. They are used to you and get an asset for Might defence rolls to avoid being blinded or dazed by your luminescence.

Esotery Effects:

If you perform esoteries, those that would normally use force or other energy (such as electricity) instead use light and lasers. For example, force blasts from Onslaught are laser beams, and Flash is a burst of blinding light. Also, esoteries performed in normal or less light deal -1 damage and esoteries performed in bright light deal +1 damage.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
The target is dazed during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment. Excess light can also overload optical systems of an android, robot, or other automaton for one round.
Major Effect Suggestions:
The target is blinded with searing light for an hour.
Tier 1:


You shed light everywhere you go, dazzling enemies or just providing visibility in dark areas. Illuminates everything within long range of you and turns areas of normal light into bright light. Anyone within immediate range has to succeed in a Might defence task or is dazed for 1 round, increasing the difficulty of all tasks by one step. Enabler.

Tier 2:

Sunbeam (2 Intellect)

You fire a beam of light from your palm, damaging your target for 3 and +1 for every consecutive round the target has already been subjected to the beam (+2 per round if used in unobstructed sunlight). Action.

Tier 3:

Sunchild, Greater

You have an ability to perceive all kinds of radiation, including all the way from ionising radiation and up to radiowaves and the like. Enabler.

Will of the Sunchild (4 Intellect)

You can manipulate the radiation wavelength of any source up to long range (including yourself). For example, you can turn your luminescence ultraviolet and invisible to the human eye or turn your companions infrared heat radiation into visible light to conceal them from heat-seeking devices. Action.

Tier 4:

Lightsword (4 Intellect)

You manifest a short, medium or long shaft of bright luminescence, that acts as a light, medium or heavy weapon. If used in bright light – has +1 damage and bypasses 2 points of armor. If used in sunlight – deals extra +1 damage and bypasses extra +1 point of armor. It instantly disappears if you let go. Enabler.

Tier 5:

Supernova (6 Intellect)

You can overload any visible light source up to long range away (including yourself) to produce an explosion of light, instantly blinding whoever happens to be looking at it. Other creatures within short range from the light source have to succeed in a speed defence task or become blinded. Blinded creatures cannot see for 1 hour. Overloading a light source turns it off (extinguishes a fire, breaks a lamp, etc) or does 10 armour-ignoring damage to it. Overloading yourself also moves you one step down the damage track. Action.

Tier 6:

Citadel of the Sun (7+ Intellect)

You manifest a simple object of solid light and it exists for as long as you concentrate and 1 round after you stop (3 rounds if used in unobstructed sunlight). A minute of concentration costs 2 Intellect points. The object is crude and can have no moving parts, has no weight, but is not limited in size, so you can make a sword, a boat or even a castle. You must have unobstructed line of sight to all parts of the created object, you don’t have to maintain line of sight if you move it though. While concentrating, the only kind of action you can take is move at half speed. Action to initiate.

2 thoughts on “Basks in the Sun

  1. ControlBlue says:


  2. tygertyger says:

    Tier 1-4 are fine as is.

    Tier 5, however… an automatic one-hour duration for the blindness has the benefit of being simple, but seems excessive. 10 minutes seems better to me, with increases to duration for minor and major effects (maybe even small bonuses for rolls that would get a damage bonus — say, +1 minute on a 17 result). The damage track effect of overloading oneself is genius, btw.

    Citadel of the Sun seems underpowered for a Tier 6 ability. Specifically, the duration; for something that costs pool points to do, it should probably have a duration in minutes instead of rounds. I’d also suggest removing the “line of sight to all parts” requirement; line of sight to the object should be sufficient. The cost to use the ability should be proportional to the size of the object.

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