Accumulates Wealth

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Most people eek out a living for a couple, or maybe even a handful, of shins a day. You are in a whole different league. You deal in the hundreds, if not thousands, of shins. You have found that if you had to choose between being rich or poor, you would choose rich every time. You might be the owner of a lucrative trading company, or the scion to a noble line, but however you came to have so much, it is definitely something that defines your life. Now this is not to say that you are a moneyed man with no talents, on the contrary, you might have had to work very hard for the riches you now enjoy. Then again, there is always the possibility that you ARE that person who is useless in the face of real danger; having been shielded from danger your whole life.


GM Intrusion: Your money is everything, and sometimes you might try to protect your wealth even more than you own body. The attacking creature automatically succeeds as you cover your more important belongings.

  1. Pick one other PC. This PC owes you a substantial amount of money due to a failed business venture in the past. Maybe you hold the debt over their head, or maybe you can let this one slide.
  2. Pick one other PC. This PC tried to steal from you in the recent past. Whether she was successful or not (and if you know) should be discussed between the two players. What was stolen should also be discussed.
  3. Pick one other PC. This PC seems to repel any kind of gain you make when they are around. Your debts are suddenly called in, your shins slip out of your coin bag, a previously agreed upon price increase. You might try to avoid this PC as much as possible so as to retain what wealth you have.
  4. Pick two other PC’s. These PC’s are planning on robbing you at some point and want what you have. Whether you know about their schemes is up to you – as is their knowledge of such.
Additional Equipment:

You have an artifact in the form of a small cube with traceries of light running over its sleek, synth surface. A small opening can be accessed through a complex series of movements. The opening is only big enough to fit objects smaller than an inch, but it never seems to run out of room for storage. You more than likely use it to transport your shins safely.

Minor Effect Suggestions:
While looking over a prospective source of shins you are able to find 1d6 more where no one else could.
Major Effect Suggestions:
A particularly rich source of shins is made evident to you. This source contains 1d20 shins.
Tier 1:

Allowance: Every week, you receive a “small” amount of shins from a courier. This amount comes out to be 150 shins.

Tier 2:

Coin Handler: The sound of shins is music to your ears. You are trained in any task involving money; it’s handling, identification, and usage, etc.

Strike It Rich (2+ Intellect points): You almost have a sixth sense for finding new sources of revenue. When you spend an hour looking around, you will more than likely find a 1d6 shins from one, or various, sources. For every level of Effort spent upon the activation of this ability you can roll an additional 1d6 in addition to the first and add the results together.

Tier 3:

Doubled Allowance: Your income has increased substantially and now the weekly courier delivers you 300 shins.

Tier 4:

Purchasing Power (4 Intellect points): Everyone has a price. Even if something would not normally be for sale, you have enough capital that most anyone will start to think about it. The GM will approximate how much the service/belonging being asked for is worth to the individual. If the player is willing to spend the money (in addition to another 20% of the price added on top for every level possessed by the target of this ability) then the target is willing to sell their service/belonging to the character.

Tier 5:

Quadrupled Allowance: The flow of wealth from your couriers is such that few people in the Ninth World ever make what you receive every week. Your weekly courier now delivers 600 shins.

Tier 6:

Shinfusion (12 Intellect points): You need money and you need it now. Through fast pace messages, telepathic networks, or even teleportation you are able to have your next delivery of shins advanced to you quickly. You are able to have your weekly courier arrive within the next three hours. Unless extenuating circumstances would prevent your courier from following you, your money will arrive safely within the previously specified time.

One thought on “Accumulates Wealth

  1. tygertyger says:

    I like this! The only change I would suggest is to the Allowance ability; there should be something requiring that the character be accessible to the courier or the delivery is delayed.

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