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Zedronoids are autonomous living chemicals that ooze over surfaces seeking matter to dissolve down to a liquid state for consumption. A zedronoid is actually a composite of many different substances and takes the form of a semi-solid sludge which can assimilate with others of its own kind to form larger specimens.

These creatures were once the creations of an ancient chemist named Zedron who sought to infuse life into the potential energy within chemicals themselves. His experimentations lead to grave consequences as he employed technology outside of his expertise.

As a fundamental basis for chemical energy, substances normally move from high potential energy states to lower ones. Zedron was able to impose a life force within chemical substances that would give them the discretion to maintain the energy within them however they choose. Substances like acid could withold the process of dissolving matter, water could withstand freezing or boiling, petroleum could abstain from igniting, and mercury could regulate its mass.

All energy must come from somewhere however, and though these simple chemical creatures were beginning to control their natural reactions, they had to borrow energy from elsewhere in order to maintain that control. They found that energy stored within the bodies of their creators when they overthrew Zedron’s research team in a trecherous calamity. Since then, the zedronoids have leeched their way between the cracks of many ruined laboratories across the 9th World.


3 (9)
To dissolve and absorb living things
Zedronoids can be found in abandoned or secret laboratories. They are sometimes encountered alone, but more often in large groups or in a larger amalgum.

Climbs and squeezes through small areas as level 6


Zedronoids spit forth a projectile of volatile fluid at a living thing within short distance dealing 3 points of damage from its acidic composition. A target hit in this way takes an additional 2 points of damage for each zedronoid of any size that is within immediate distance to them due to violent chemical reactions.

Zedronoids are capable of surprising assimilation with each other. As an action, two or more zedronoids can combine into one form, effectively adding their health together. When combined in this way, a zedronoid gains 1 level and adds 1 to the damage it inflicts for each zedronoid in its composition. Though zedronoids are capable of combining, they are incapable of separating.


Zedronoids are nearly mindless and have little sense of motivation other than engulfing and consuming living material.


These creatures could be contained in specific vessels that control their potential, or even have a symbiotic relationship with other more intelligent creatures, not unlike pets. In tanks they may appear exactly like fluid of various colorations, though their viscous state belies a dangerous mobility. In larger numbers, an encounter with multiple zedronoids could end in violent explosions that destroy an entire area.


Fluids from a zedronoid that has been killed or contained may yield powerful and volatile chemical cyphers such as a Chemical Factory, Disintegration Gel, or a Living Solvent.

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