Terreimus the Bright Blade

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A man, dressed impeccably in the finest clothes money can buy, with a powdered face and bejeweled skin walk up to you in an imperious manner. His hand seems to vanish for a moment and suddenly a bright, yellow blade of energy is shimming in his hand. You see looks of horror on everyone’s faces, but can’t see why. The world begins to shift ever so slowly and you feel the ground rush up to meet you. Puzzled, and with a slight pain beginning to build in your neck, you look up and see a headless body just standing their. Something looks awfully familiar about it, but you are already drifting off into slumber. The last thing you see is the man with the yellow blade smiling down at you. The last thing you hear is him thanking you for your business.


7 (21)
To acquire as much wealth as he can.

Performs Speed Defense and Attacks as a level 9.


Terreimus will approach his target with a bald face announcement that he, or she, is going to be killed. That is, if Terreimus is in the mood to let them know. Terreimus uses his extreme mastery of his energy blade to chop down any opposition that comes to meet him. If even a scratch is laid upon Terreimus, he will fly into a homicidal rage and kill anything that was within sight of his marking. Every time Terreimus suffers damage he is treated as one level higher for the next round.


Though Terreimus is an agent of the Mordurmer, he seems to have no respect for the organization and will gladly betray them for the right price. But, that price is usually five times more than his target can afford. Though, Terreimus has been known to take any money his target had on their person after completing his assignment.


Your party recently completed a heist on a local lord’s home. About a week later the Black Specter visits you and tells of how Terreimus the Bright Blade has been sent to kill you for your transgressions. 28 hours later a richly dressed swordsman walks right up to you, smiles and says he is here to kill you.


The Bright Blade: A level 9 artifact that grants an asset to both Speed Defense and Melee attacks made with it. The Bright Blade does 9 damage and glows a golden yellow. Usually 6d100 shins, Ecledda Clothing and a single oddity in the form of a golden shin that moves in slow motion when under the effect of gravity.

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