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Spirants are viciously territorial creatures that bear a passing resemblance to insects. The most striking features of these creatures are their elongated heads, four limbs, and abdomens. Their heads are thickly armored, as are their strong, dangerously sharp forelimbs. The abdomen, however, is unarmored and is the creature’s weakest point. A spirant soldier can be identified by its size – around 5 feet high – and brownish color. A queen can be distinguished by their large size – around 8 feet high – and bluish coloring.

Spirants live in small hives usually consisting of 3-6 soldiers and a queen.

(This entry contains material from the “Spiderant” Article on the Borderlands Wiki and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License)


Spirant Queen
2 (6)
Territory and Defense
Spirants are known to burrow underground and tend to frequent areas with relatively flat, open ground. They are mostly found in the Cold Desert
Short (Long if Leaping)

Soldiers Jump at level 7. Queen spirants are level 4, have 12 health, do 6 damage and have an armor of 2.


Spirants tend to lay in wait until a foe enters their territory, unearth themselves, then attack by aggressively leaping at their foe and striking with their sharp forelimbs when close.
Spirant queens will slash with their large scything talons at times, but they prefer to hang back and shoot volleys of large, powerful white corrosive projectiles, preferably while their foes are distracted by the soldiers.


Spirants are little more than animals and lack any higher intelligence. They are a hive mind and will fight to the last to defend their territory or queen.


Spirants’ habit of burrowing makes them a great ambush for unsuspecting PCs deciding to camp in, seemingly, the only flat, sheltered spot in the rocky terrain of the Cold Desert.


Spirant soldiers chitin makes strong, light armor plates. Any armor made of the chitin protects as medium armor but calculates Might loss and Speed pool reduction as if it were light. Each spirant contains enough chitin to produce approximately half a suit of armor.

A spirant queen’s abdomen contains 1d6 level 4 Corrosive Detonation Cyphers.

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  1. Michael Fienen says:

    I gotta admit, I sorta love the usage of Borderlands 2 as an inspiration source.

  2. Chris Freeman says:

    Fantastic adaptation of 3rd party material!

  3. Tensen01 says:

    Glad you like, I wanted something that was thematically similar to Fallout’s Rad Scorpions, and Borderlands just lept into my head.

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