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Sine Eels are artificial constructs.  They consist of a segmented body which projects an energy collection field visible as a cyan plane above and below the main body.  They feed off ambient energy, usually collected near ancient power stations or leeched off numenera, though they will feed on electrical impulses in animals and even on zero-point energy.

Their original programming has been corrupted and so they reverted to a feral state.  Their only motivation is to stay functional by absorbing energy.

Sine Eels hover about three feet off the ground, and can be anywhere from 6 inches to a foot long.  They move in a sine-wave like pattern as seen here (jump to 21 seconds in):



3 (9)
To absorb energy.
Typically ancient power stations or places with high concentrations of numenera, but can be found anywhere.

Speed Defense at level 5. If a Sine Eel drains a piece of numenera it regenerates a d6 of health, which can boost it over it’s maximum. The GM states that the Sine Eel is draining a specific numenera, and it spends it’s entire turn draining the item.


Sine Eels are capable of reconfiguring their energy collection fields to shock those they touch or to drain a piece of numenera of energy.


Sine Eels are barely above a feral state. No negotiation is possible, however Sine Eels prefer to feed on the energy emitted from numenera, and thus can be distracted by throwing a particularly radiant cypher in one direction, and running in the other.

A single Sine Eel may parasitize off a Therivar, or a swarm of Sine Eels may attack and absorb a Therivar.


Swarms of Sine Eels could be used as ‘guards’ for some ancient sites.


3 in 1d6 (50%) for an Energy Collector Node which drains a target cypher of all energy, rendering it unusable. This has a depletion of 5 in 1d20 (25%).

2 thoughts on “Sine Eel

  1. TT says:

    How do you think they would interact with Therivars? [semi-intelligent Qmatter energy snakes that infest and power numenera]

    1. Nano-spirit Alpha says:

      Probably parasitize, or maybe just swarm and absorb.

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