Secret Operative

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A Secret Operative is a field agent for the Grammater Society, a covert branch of the Order of Truth. They are skilled infiltrators, spies, thieves, and even assassins, should the need arise.


5 (15)
Serving the political interests of the Order of Truth; gathering information

Sneaking, disguise, investigating, and trickery as level 5.


Secrets prefer picking their battles when they fight, usually with a particular target in mind. They use ranged weapons or poison-laced light melee weapon if possible, and they flee if seriously threatened. An operative may even take their own life to avoid capture and divulging critical information. They likely have cyphers that help them better conduct their covert operations.


Secrets speak cryptically when it comes to their mission, but are often publicly affable to avoid arousing suspicion. Secrets rarely reveal their identity, mission, or connections with the Order of Truth. They prefer disguising themselves as locals to blend into any social or environmental setting and not draw any undue attention to themselves.


Secret operatives make excellent hidden contacts for PCs in any given town, providing key information about the people and area in which they are stationed. A secret operative may be plotting an assassination or heist for the Order, which the PCs may assist or prevent. A secret operative may even hire the PCs to do their dirty work to avoid having it traced back to them or, more importantly, the Order of Truth.


A secret operative will generally have at least two weapons, light armor, a disguise kit, lockpicks, 1d10 shins, 1d6 cyphers, an oddity, and rarely an artifact.

For more information and background, read the companion article on The Grammeter Society.

2 thoughts on “Secret Operative

  1. Paul Baldowski says:

    Love the idea of the Secrets and the Society – but, is the Level correct? Given you’ve highlighted Modifications around espionage and secrecy as Level 5, is a Secret meant to be lower than Level 5?

    1. Aldarc says:

      Sorry for only seeing the comment just now. Good catch! I’ll correct that.

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