Sage of the Fahat

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The revered scholars of the Citadel of the Fahat, Sages of the Fahat study mutations of all kinds. Sages possess deep knowledge of mutation and perform research on an endless supply of willing or unwilling Nihliesh subjects, as well as on themselves and sometimes numerous small caged animals in their possession. Most will be found in the libraries of the Citadel of the Fahat, but they may also be encountered on research excursions. Various research stations dot the Cold Desert, constructed around mutagenic sites often connected with numenera ruins. On excursions they are usually accompanied by an escort composed of about twice their number of Nihliesh guards (level 4).


3 (9)
To study mutation
In or near Matheunis, especially within Nihliesh

They wield powerful mutations such as spitting venom, tentacles and psychic attacks which do 5 damage. Sages will probably flee if they witness a fellow sage being killed.


Sages are usually engrossed in their work, and typically don’t like being bothered. If PCs possess information of interest to them, or if PCs express interest in their work, they will open up. Sages will discuss the work at hand and a little about the inner workings and politics of Nihliesh, which they are closely tied to.


PCs might encounter Sages of the Fahat at a research facility constructed at or near some ancient ruins, possibly in need of help. PCs may also seek them out for their knowledge in the libraries of the Citadel of the Fahat.


Various scientific equipment relating to their work, possibly containing an oddity or a few cyphers.

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