Rickare Valiero: Drug Runner

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Rickare Valiero (Rick-ar-ay Val-eh-ree-oh) is a tall thin young man with a large pack.  The PC’s will find him resting beneath a tree’s shade or in a grassy field.  Upon his noticing the PCs, he will shout to them and ask if they are friendly.  Ricky talks in sharp tones and quick slang.  He’d probably address my PC’s like this.  “Hey!  You berkers gonna try to peel me?  I ain’t got nothing you sods want.”

If the PC’s say they are friendly, Rickare will offer them a deal.

“Alright, here’s the skip.  My back is putting nails to me and this pack is gravity.  What you fellas say I part with some of this here product for a real cheap price?  I’m talking bottom of your shoes prices fellas.”

Rickare will then pull out the following things.

A small synth container with a screw on lid that contains a sticky cube.  10 shin

A red vial.  15 shin

A blue vial.  25 shin

A plastic bag of some kind of green herb.  30 shin

When asked about any of the items Rickare will have this to say.

Sticky Cube

“That’s Thousandstem.  Not my style.  You scrape that badboy and down the hatch with whatever bit comes off.  Nothing for 10 minutes, then you get split!  No not like, your body.  Your mind gets split.  I tried it for the first time before I met my girl’s rag rollin parents.  All of a sudden I’m a berker out of luck with 3 voices in my head talking about love, sex, and magic.  Creepy stuff, this comes from way back slab-slide where the ‘thinking men'(Say this in a mocking voice) use it to pass their tests and figure out a bother.”

Upon ingestion, the reader will develop a voice in his head that affects everything he does for the next 2 hours.

roll on this table to find out what kind of personality the voice takes on

1:  Negative personality.  Could be a mean voice, a distraught voice, or a voice that just screams incessantly.  Regardless, the user has takes an inability in all mental tasks for the drugs duration.

2: Neutral personality:  This could be a voice that is quiet, doesn’t say much of anything interesting, or makes what would otherwise be considered normal observations.  No effect, comment that this must have been a weak batch.

3: Helpful personality:  Likely a voice that is intelligent and helpful, but could be a funny, confident, or charming voice too.  User gets an asset to all intellect tasks for the drugs duration.

Red Vial

That, my little sods, is ragtag in a cup.  It’s called Leer.  We don’t berk with that in towns, but some sods just gotta have a taste of the ol’ kill juice.  You throw that back and get knocked on your ass, unless you’re one tough berk.  After that, you have sweet little baby dreams and wake up with fire in your belly.  Real eye of the tiger stuff.  Go insane for a bit and tear down a liquor store, lots of fun.

Upon ingestion, user must make a level 6 might check or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.  Upon awaking from the coma or succeeding the might roll, the user gains 2 to might and speed edge and -3 to intellect edge, as well as a rush of 1d4+5 pool points they can distribute as they wish.  This effect lasts for one combat situation.

Blue Vial

Now we’re getting into the good stuff.  This is premium OT 1st world grade Luck .  I tried some before I left for this run.  Trust me, it’s choice.  Took a sip, and whatta ya know.  I see an old bloodbarm I used to be sweet on walking out of a pub.  She’s all over me, and I’m so down to roll sheets.  On the way to my place I find a bag of shins underneath a bench.  Now get this, some berk tries to peel me and I throw a rock at him, basic self defense right?  Bounces off his metal handshake, cracking the steel and hits him in the eye.  I’m telling ya sods, this stuff is atomic bomb.  Just don’t take a swig and then go to your local friendly taxman.  They’ll gut ya for using it in the casinos.

Upon ingestion Luck changes the way crit bonuses work for natural rolls.  Normally crit bonuses start adding 1 damage at a natural 17, 2 at 18, 3 at 19, and 4 at 20.

With Luck, crit bonuses starts adding 1 damage at 16, 2 at 17, 3 at 18, 4 at 19, and 6 at 20.

This effect lasts for 3 hours.

Green Herb

Good old fashioned GrooveGrass.  Now it’s a little boring, but its top of the list at its job.  roll this in some paper and let her burn and you’ll feel better than a chirog during a tech trash.  Everythings smooth, everythings fun, hell I’ve lit up and threw a ball with a friend for a few hours.  Had a goddamn blast.  Berks with cash drop some shin for a pinch or two of the stuff and then go home and relax after a ‘hard day of work’.  Family man’s escape!  Hahahahhahah!

Upon smoking, the user gains +4 to recovery rolls and 1 armor for the next 5 hours.

Slang: Bloodbarm- derogatory for woman.  Metal Handshake – A common weapon among petty thieves.  very similar to brass knucles except the knuckles go all the way down each finger.  Atomic Bomb – Cool Taxman – A person who runs a gambling operation.


3 (9)
Get the goods to the next drop point.
Over land terrain

Speed defense at level 5


Rickare should immediately run away from the PC’s should they engage in combat.


Rickare is for the most part friendly. Although the slang he uses is a little derogatory and could be interpreted as disrespectful, he has grown up around bad characters with bad vocabularies and means nothing by it. He will sell his goods and then leave, saying that he has rested long enough.


Another one of those between town encounters. Depending on how rare or faraway from his drop point Rickare is, these drugs might make an appearance in the town the PCs head to. If the PCs get a steady supply of the drugs, the GM should start running addiction inabilities.


If the PCs kill Rickare, he will drop 1d4+2 more drugs plus the one of each he had on him. GM can make the call on what kinds he sells. Going through his pack the PCs will find that his burden is mostly metal pipes and strange containers, likely for making some of the products.

2 thoughts on “Rickare Valiero: Drug Runner

  1. This is amazing and worth it, just for the slang and lingo. Great job and really flavourful.

    1. ThomasJefferson says:

      wow thanks! Looking back, I wish I would have written something a little more original than “Red vial” and “Blue vial” and I invite any GM who uses this encounter to think up something a little more interesting.

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