Nagami Fly Swarm

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Small insectoid creatures with two bulbous eyes, three translucent wings on each side and a sectioned tail made of cartilage with only two legs located in the frontal section, Nagami flies are greatly feared for their tendency to eat their victims before they stop breathing. A single Nagami fly is no threat at all and can be swatted with away easily, but the flies tend to gather in swarms of hundreds to attack their prey. These massive swarms begin their attack by excreting small strands of silica that harden almost as soon as they leave the fly’s body. These strands would not be very hard to break, but again the sheer number of Nagami flies makes the task near impossible to accomplish. Cocooning their target, the swarm will fall upon the immobilized victim and begin to tear out small chunks of flesh to feast upon. Across the Ninth World some have dubbed the saying, “as painful as a Nagami feeding” to express when something is truly, horrifically painful to endure.


5 (15)
Hungers for Flesh
Can be found anywhere, but tend to crop up around densely populated areas. Wild or otherwise.

Speed Defense as Level 1 due to the size of the swarm, Attacks as one level lower for every ten points of health lost.


When a Nagami fly swarm descends upon its chosen victim(s) it can take four actions a turn, but only one action may be taken to make an attack or move. This restriction on attacks is removed upon all victims who have been fully cocooned by the Nagami flies. Each turn that the Nagami flies are attacking, they can spin their strands of quick-hardening silica over their target (ACTION). This increases the difficulty of all physical actions taken by the affected target until the strands are removed. After a target has had six layers of these strands applied to them, they can no longer take physical actions. The swarm will usually fall upon the trapped individual to feast, regardless of others. Once done, they will continue to cocoon any others still nearby. A cocooned target has no armor value against the Nagami fly swarm and must break free of the cocoon before being able to fight back again. This is a level 6 might based task. A little known secret about the Nagami “silk” is that it dissolves when in contact with alcohol. Which may explain why Nagami flies are almost never seen in taverns, or other establishments of the same kind.


These swarms are almost mindless in their hunger, but some few musicians have claimed that certain songs have saved them from being eaten alive by entrancing the flies and keeping them at bay.


The PC’s have been hired to find the missing wife of the town’s mayor who was last seen picking flowers in the nearby marsh. Upon finding her skeletal remains the party starts hearing a dull buzzing. No sooner have they connected the dots than the swarm descends, biting, buzzing, eating, crawling, feasting.


None, but a common hunting ground of a Nagami fly swarm might be littered with the pecked clean remains of their prey, which may contain valuables still which are of no interest to the flies.

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