Mordurmer Agent

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Variously garbed and equipped, these men and women are some of the most potent assassins to walk the face of the Ninth World. One characteristic they all share is their blind zeal towards ending the life of their target. The Mordurmer take their task of ending a life very seriously and anyone within their ranks to fail an assignment faces an unimaginable punishment that even the stalwart assassins themselves fear to speak of. This ensures a nearly 100% success rate; as only the very best assassins survive to become regular agents of the Mordurmer. If you are visited by the Black Specter, it heralds the arrival of the Mordurmer.


6 (18)
Kill their target.
Anywhere their target might be, usually in a pair.
Short, Long when in pursuit of their target.

Stealth, Tracking, Lockpicking,and Espionage tasks made as level 8.


In a battle, a Mordurmer Agent will employ various pieces of equipment, cyphers and maybe even a powerful artifact to eliminate its target. If working together with a partner, the two can take a single action at one level higher and doubling the potency of whatever they are trying to accomplish. For example, if a pair of Mordurmer Agents work together to attack a single target, the level of the attack would be a level seven, dealing 14 damage. This makes for a truly dangerous encounter as befits such a notorious organization as the Mordurmer. In addition to employing smoke bombs, poison and the like, a Mordurmer Agent will usually have a single, unique power that is not shared by his/her partner.

Some examples of these powers might include:

  • Able to set objects on fire dealing 6 points of heat damage a round.
  • Can levitate up to 300lb of material as an action.
  • Able to move with blinding speed and gain an asset on all Speed related tasks.
  • Wields a masterpiece weapon with unique abilities.
  • Able to produce sharp quills from his/her body that acts both as armor and as an offensive weapon.

Usually silent and ominous, these men and women are driven to complete their mission at all costs and cannot be reasoned with. Their life is consumed with their current objective at all times.


The mayor of the town recently double crossed his neighbor out of his share on a trade agreement and has been visited by the Black Specter. The mayor is pleading for you to protect him from his impending death.


1d6 cyphers, 2d20 shins, and usually an artifact.

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