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Little critters no larger than your fist, Meosoams [Me-Oh-S-Oh-M] are friendly creatures that usually live in a colony of eight, or more. Grey skin and largely disproportional eyes for their size make these small beasts seem almost innocent, but it is not unheard of for them to attack travelers. This is usually when someone disturbs the Meosoam’s treasure. This treasure can be anything from a shiny coin, to a gleaming sword. Really anything with a little shine is attractive to the Meosoams. Tending to live in dark places, these creatures have tiny stalks that grow along their spine to light up the darkness. This will look, to the untrained eye, like a glow worm in the dark. This light may be extremely faint, but is more than enough for the Meosoams to navigate by. Mostly unknown to people of the Ninth World, Meosoams possess a rudimentary intelligence and can communicate through rapid blinking.


1 (3)
Defend Treasure/Colony
Anywhere Dark

Speed defense as level 2 due to size. Suffers no penalty while fighting in the dark.


Meosoams will attempt to stay out of harms way for the most part, but when confronted they will employ quick hit-and-run tactics. This will usually consist of attacking their enemy and then quickly hiding, before a retaliation is possible.


Meosoams are a curious lot and will try to mimic those they encounter as a sign of friendship, but will bear their fangs in a ‘smile’ if they perceive danger.


A large colony of Meosoams can be used to guard an important object, or maybe just as eye candy in sewers, or other out of the way places.


One ounce of liquid can be extracted from a Meosoam, that when shaken glows faintly – providing dim light.

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  1. Rogue Nova says:

    Hahaha, these little guys sound so cute!

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