Green Death

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Considered more of a plague than anything else, the Green Death is feared for its ability to secretly convert the mind of its host. This conversion is unnoticeable by the host itself except for the change in eye color to a bright green (thus the Green Death), but slowly they will begin to act in a more aggressive manner. This is then proceded by a strong urge to avoid all types of light. Only a few weeks into this process, the host will be unable to restrain itself from attacking any within sight. This usually leads to the host’s death via self-defense on the part of its victims, but in rare cases the host will survive this period and find a dark place to rest after it has come to its twenty third day after infection. It is here that the true horror begins. Splitting open, the host’s body begins to rot at a very rapid pace and provides the perfect place for fungi and mushrooms to grow. After weeks, months or even years the host will rise again as the Green Death. A half human, half plant hybrid, this shambling corpse will shuffle from its den and seek more victims to infect. It will do this through the releasing of spores, or by clawing at its prey. In either case even the smallest amount of the Green Death within the human body will start the slow process towards its destruction.


4 (12)
Any, but common in both caves as well as run down, urban environments.

When in groups of five, or more, the Green Death hosts will become more dangerous and increase to level five. All stats are brought up in accordance, and even their health goes up to eighteen (the next level up in health as they are already one level above average.


The Green Death propels its host heedlessly into battle, but in packs they will draw on each other’s shared spore reserves to strengthen their rotted muscles. The Green Death will not attack a creature that has been infected.


None is possible. They are mindless beasts.


Rarely, a single cypher may remain on the host’s person.

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