Glass Blower

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This eight foot tall construct is made out of thousands of complicated glass plates, brass gears and fittings. Completely assembled, they look like a six armed humanoid giant. Some have described a Glass Blower as beautiful, but many have had such traumatic experiences encountering them that seeing these constructs as anything less than terrifying becomes impossible. Usually, A Glass Blower will wield four weapons, but in the hands that are left without weapons, the Glass Blower wields the power for which it is named after. Their empty hands gather a blue flame that when the Glass Blower “exhales” into it the flame spews forward like a flamethrower. What-so-ever that the flame touches is turned to glass. From the remains of their victims, they will carve new glass plates from which a new Glass Blower will be crafted. This process is slow and detailed and can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on whether or not the Glass Blower also has access to a goodly supply of brass.


5 (15)
The creation of other Glass Blowers through murder
Commonly found in arid environments, but have been noted less often in other environs. Never in groups larger than two.

Speed Defense as level 6 due to unnatural agility, Flame attacks treated as one level harder to avoid, Immune to all psychic powers, poisons and disease.


In combat, a Glass Blower moves with a speed belying its size. It is able to make an attack with every arm that holds a weapon in its grasp. These attacks deal damage as normal for a level five creature. The flames from their unarmed hands have a short range and anything that they successfully deal damage to is turned to glass. On a living target this deals an extra two points of ambient damage. The flames by themselves are treated as doing five points of ambient damage. In total, the Glass Blower can make six attacks a turn, but will only use its empty hands to make the flame attacks.


No interaction has ever been reported with these automatons. They seem intent on making more of their kind.


A good choice of encounter when having the PC’s explore a remote area. These automatons act as perfect guardians of a secret treasure horde, or as random encounters in the untamed wild.


1d6 cyphers can be found within the body of a destroyed Glass Blower along with 4d20 shins.

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