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Some of the most practiced adventurers and warriors of the Ninth World have fallen into the trap of the frowler. They expertly plan ambushes for their prey and then quickly kill what they eat. In arid wastelands and in warm mountains the frowler are one of the greatest threat a man can face. Never alone, the pack will descend upon unwary prey with a speed uncommon for creatures of such a size. Standing just under the height of a human, normally, a frowler can rear up to be head and shoulders above one. However, it is known that the frowler have a weakness for the meat of a thuman. Willing to go miles out of their way to hunt these little creatures, it could be easier to use a live thuman as bait than fight the pack yourself. Though it may be something rarely seen (and still be alive to tell about it later) the description of a Frowler is quite simple. Dull, orange scales run the length of its raptor-like body and six eyes run down both sides of its fanged jaw.  Two stubby arms hang from its frontal section and its massive hind legs propel it forward and dizzying speeds for the kill.


3 (9)
Hungers for Flesh
In any desert-like region, or possibly in arena pits. Unlikely to find a group of any less than 8.

Speed defense as level 4


Usually, one frowler will use itself as bait against the prey, by appearing injured, or by simply drawing attention to itself. This gives the rest of the pack time to sneak up on the prey’s flank. When gone unnoticed, the ambush will be 1 level to the detriment of the prey. This only lasts for the first round however as frowlers rely upon their ambush tactics to quickly kill their prey before they can fight back.


Can possibly be trained as mounts, with a lot of time and thuman flesh.


A good way to make adventurers wary of the area if they know frowlers are nearby.

2 thoughts on “Frowler

  1. Darcy Ross says:

    I’m intrigued, but am having a hard time visualizing this critter.

    1. Chris Gregor says:

      Me too. A detailed description would be great.

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