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Floramechs consist of two main sections: a mechanical spider-like base with 4, 6 or 8 legs and a (usually broken) stronglass dome on top containing a plant of some sort.  The plant may once have been decorative, but uncounted aeons have mutated and evolved the plant beyond recognition.  Some Floramechs have a thorny tangle, others have a poisonous bloom and still others have a fungal mass.  The plant also acts as a power source for the mobile base.

Floramech programming has also degraded along with the evolution of it’s plant.  Whatever their original purpose, their goal now is simply to keep the plant and themselves alive.  Most of them have discovered that flesh makes an excellent fertilizer and they now will attack just about anything, though they prefer small animals.  They use reformatted bio-sensors to use their plant as a weapon by making it shoot thorns or spray poison.


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Mainly uninhabited areas where sunlight, water and small animals are available.
Floramechs are able to scuttle long distances, but only do so when it is necessary.

There are three types of Floramechs: Thorned, Poisonous and Fungal. Each one attacks differently.


All Floramechs are able to attack with their clawed legs.  Thorned Floramechs also attack with thorny vines which whip out at the target.  Poisonous Floramechs are able to spray poison at target which deals damage through armor.  Fungal Floramechs do not have any extra attacks, but do regenerate health.


While their programming is awry, they are still governed by a primitive AI. They could be bargained with, if offered fertilizer of some sort, be it flesh or chemicals.


Have the players encounter a few of these which are satisfied with sunlight and water. Then startle them with one that has discovered the fertilizing properties of human flesh.

They could also be paired with a different sort of plant-based enemy such as a Dream Sallow or an Orgulous.

2 thoughts on “Floramech

  1. TT says:

    I like it, would be neat to introduce characters slowly to these sorts of machine creature; maybe have a few rambling around that are happy with sunlight and water then throw them a curve ball when they encounter the ones that see them as fertlizier.

    Could turn it into a boss type mob by pairing it with another distinct creature, like a Dream Sallow or an Orgulous.

    1. Nano-spirit Alpha says:

      Good ideas. I added them awhile ago, but I only now got Disqus working. Thanks!

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