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Fenesters look like large, crystalline-glass dogs, except cut in half through the body, separating their hind- and fore-legged halves from each other. However, this doesn’t seem to effect them at all and furthermore, each half seems to be able to move independently over seemingly any distance away from the other. If you were to look at the sheared half of the creature, you would see a rippling, distorted view of the world as seen from the other half of the creature. The halves seem to move and stand as if they were attached, so they often look impossibly balanced when moving.


5 (15)
To consume flesh
Solitary. Often you will only ever see one half in the same place. When mating, you may see two rear-halves together.
Both halves can move a short distance independently

A Fenester will stalk lone prey and pounce, using its powerful jaws (if the front half) and/or claws to tear apart an opponent. Its other half may show up depending on where it is at the time and flank the engaged opponent, attacking from behind.


Fenesters are not overly aggressive, but do not like to be approached and see any organic being as a potential food source. They are not intelligent and can not be reasoned with, but they can be distracted from attacking by offerings of food. Fenesters can be used as teleportation devices if one is brave or foolish enough to try. By jumping into the smooth, rippling half of a Fenester, you appear instantly out of the other half of the creature. It is much easier to jump into the rear half than the front, but either way leaves you at the mercy of a very angry Fenester, as they hate any creature that uses them for travel and will attack them until they or the creature dies.


Fenesters make great weird creatures to happen across. They can be an obstacle to be avoided or an enemy to face. One of the best uses for a Fenester is as a window to another place or even a potential transportation system. Some braver, more enterprising folk attempt to capture Fenesters in special harnesses to use them permanently as transportation conduits. Fenesters hate being captured as much as being travelled through and yowl constantly in pain, fear and anger. Freeing a Fenester could earn the players some measure of loyalty from one, with it guiding them to some hidden discovery or even allowing a transportation through it in exceptional circumstances.


1 cypher related to teleportation or phasing

2 thoughts on “Fenester

  1. Paul Baldowski says:

    Absolutely love this idea. Brilliant. Immediate desire to include one of these as the core element of an encounter or adventure.

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