Altunus Warrior

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With a body made of strange, black metal shaped into the rough approximation of a human’s skeleton, it is a sight best forgotten when a traveler looks into the eyes of this soulless automaton. These warriors patrol the deepest reaches of the world, bearing incredible weaponry capable of simply bypassing physical armor with rays of green lightning. But this is not all that makes them worthy of your fear. Even past the point of being utterly broken, smashed, melted or destroyed, these machines can repair themselves into a working order. Their metal bodies weave back in upon themselves like a living liquid and can make whole what was once damaged. This has caught many a wanderer by surprise as metal hands dragged him to their grave even after all his foes lay slain. However it is known by a few that the Altunus Warriors are merely the tip of the spear. Far bellow the surface world lay the forgotten realms of their masters, who silently command their warriors. However this can never be properly studied as no body has ever been recovered. They simply fade away from sight. Where they go, is anyone’s guess.


2 (6)
Following Orders
Most commonly in long forgotten underground tunnels, but can sometimes be found elsewhere.

Speed Defense as level 1 (includes initiative). Immune to poison and disease.


In combat, a squad of Altunus Warriors will act almost as if a single creature. Often aiming at the same target for maximum damage. However they can, and will, fire at separate targets when needed. If a Warrior is slain in combat its body will attempt to repair itself. When the initiative step of the Warriors comes again each one must be rolled for on 1d6. On a roll of a six that Altunus Warrior rises again at full health. Lastly, the ray emitters of a Warrior has a long range and ignores any physical armor present on the target.


Voiceless as the dead, Altunus Warriors have no parting words for those they slay. The eerie crackling of their weapons is the only sound their victims will ever hear.


A small village in the wilds hasn’t been heard from in nearly a month. Anybody who has ventured too close hasn’t come back. People are saying its now haunted by the dead. If only they knew how close to the truth they were.


None at all. An Altunus Warrior leaves no trace behind after being slain. Their remains teleported away for repairs.

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