Altunus Overlord

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Rotted vestments billow in an unearthly wind as they obscure the features of the true horror. A body of black metal and a face like death itself, the Altunus Overlord is an enemy best avoided; especially when he is surrounded by his legions. With a wave of their hands or a silent command, the Altunus will obey their Overlord without heed for their own safety. In fact, an Overlord’s mere presence seems to increase their ability to resurrect and repair themselves. This is not to say that an Overlord needs them to defend itself. With a command over the numenera that seems uncanny, an Overlord will employ many different kinds of cyphers and artifacts to crush its enemies. One common artifact seen to be carried by most Overlords is their iconic warscythe. Crackling with green energy this weapon could never be wielded with much accuracy by a mere mortal. But with the untiring arms of and Altunus Overlord to guide it, the warscythe sings with the blood of the fallen.


6 (18)
The Harvesting of Life
The tomb cities of the Altunus. Never found without some kind of body guard.

Immune to poison and disease.


An Altunus Overlord will use his command over the numenera and his own guards to utterly annihilate his foe. The presence of an Overlord allows his minions to repair themselves with greater ease, allowing them to come back to life on either a five or a six. Also any Altunus constructs nearby will be treated as if they were one level higher than normal. These effects only extend to within short range.


Seeming to understand nearly any language, an Overlord is a prideful being who will not let a challenge go unanswered. Now, this is not to say that the Overlord will answer it personally. The massed legions of the Altunus are just as capable of chastising the offender as the Overlord himself. All in all the Overlord can be spoken to, but it is unlikely that it will answer back with anything other than violence.


Should only be used when in conjunction with other Altunus. Also a good boss for a campaign.


2d6 cyphers, plus 1-2 artifacts.

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