Afligir the Undying

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Afligir grew up in an unknown part of the Beyond and not much else is known about his past. A few years ago is when the reputation of the Undying began to take root. A highly skilled assassins guild, known as the Mordurmers, began deploying a new recruit showing much promise. Afligir never failed an assignment and had several unique abilities that allowed him to ensure his target’s demise. One of which seems to be his inability to stay dead. Since the Mordurmers announce to their quarry who they will be sending after them, hearing the name Afligir from the Black Specter is usually a sure sign of your impending, painful, demise.

Afligir doesn’t view his killings as opportunities to make money, instead he views them as a chance to make new converts for his strange, and bloody, religion to Fralenachtha, the god of fruitless rage. Afligir always asks his victims if they wish to repent their sinful ways and join with Fralenachtha. Even upon the accepting of his offer, Afligir will slay his intended target as a new soul for Fralenachtha to play with in the Datasphere.



7 (21)
To kill in the name of Fralenachtha, the god of fruitless rage; and to create converts.
Anywhere his assigned target will be.

Tracking as level 8, Resists pain as level 10.


Afligir wields a duel-bladed sword staff with an attached cable that allows him to manipulate it at up to short range with great precision. This allows him to make up to two attacks a turn. In addition to this weapon, Afligir, once in the possession of even a small amount of his target’s blood, can make a marking upon his body which burns his skin away and leave a permanent scar. Once the mark is made the one whose blood was used has their body connect to Afligir’s. Any damage done to either body will harm the other. Afligir uses this to kill himself and his quarry, and then resurrecting himself later. Afligir regenerates 5 points of health every round, even when rendered to 0 health. After four rounds of being dead, Afligir comes back to life. If he is killed by a “heathen” he will make it his primary goal to kill (painfully) the one who disrespected Fralenachtha’s most loyal servant.


Afligir is a mess of contradicting, promises and ideologies. But, behind everything he does their seems to be one core tenant; to kill all who he comes across. So if you are promised safe passage, by the man in the bloodstained black robes then be on your guard as he is probably thinking of how nice it would be to skin you alive.


An agent of the Kingdom has found a secret clave of the Mordurmer and has heard his death sentence from the Black Specter. Asking for the group’s protection, they run into a man along the road, asking if anyone would like to convert to the worship of Fralenachtha.


1d6-2 cyphers, Obedient Rope (pg. 5, Artifacts and Oddities Collection 1), duel-bladed sword staff, 3d100 shins, bloodstained black robes.

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