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Others are bound to the earth, but not you. When the need arises – or when you just feel like it – you can take to the sky. Whether your wings resemble a bird’s, a bat’s, an insect’s, or a machine’s, you don’t walk when you can soar.

You gain the following benefits:

Like the Wind:
You can fly a short distance as part of another action or a long distance as an action.  You can also travel in the air for a number of hours equal to your Might pool.
You have an asset on Speed defense actions while airborne.
Wings take up space, and they quickly become waterlogged.  You increase the difficulty by one step for any action involving moving through cramped spaces or swimming.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You have heard rumors of other people like you. Joining this mission seemed like a good way to find out if those rumors are true.
  2. You were not born with your wings; they were grafted onto you. You now owe a debt to the person who gave you the gift of flight, and going on this mission will help you start paying it.
  3. You are the product of a mad nano’s experiments. Upon discovering that your wings truly worked your first act was to fly away. You are determined to be the subject of no more experiments, and joining the group will get you further than you could go alone.
  4. Your people have lived in isolation in their aerie for generations, but the elders have decided that it is time to learn more about the world of the earthbound. Joining an adventuring group gives you an excuse to travel. Your true nature is a secret to the world at large; you decide which, if any, of the other PCs are aware of your origins.

One thought on “Winged

  1. Michael Barrington says:

    Given there are two distinctive mutations that give ‘gliding’ but none to give full on ‘flight’, I would advise following a similar line with this descriptor instead of granting full flight capability.

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