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You are a member of the Electricians’ Guild, known as “The Vulgarines”. You are passionate about your quest to energize civilization through stabilizing and charging power sources, constructing and discovering useful and innovative electrical machines and through the destruction of those who would tear such devices down. Your duty is to provide electrical repair work and charging or energizing powered devices, accepting nothing beyond room and board for the duration of the job. You are also charged with banishing and dispelling monsters, abhumans, and enemies of civilization, to the best of your abilities.

You gain the following benefits:

You are trained in Electrical/Electronics Repair.
Additional Equipment:
You have a set of light tools for electrical work.
Bio-engineered implant:
This implant costs 2 points from your Might Pool. The cost is permanent and may not be restored with a recovery roll. The bio-implant grants the Abilities of Charge and Shock (see “Rides the Lightning”). At your next tier advancement you must choose (in place of the Skill option) an improvement to your Shock (+1 damage) or Charge (costs 1 less Intellect point to use) Ability. You may only choose one of these improvements, though that same upgrade may be purchased again at subsequent tier advancements.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. The players are going to encounter some dangerous inhuman creatures and you want to help them survive.
  2. The mission is going to involve some powerful electrical devices that you would like to get your hands on.
  3. You look up to one of the other players and want to observe and assist them further.
  4. A third party has paid you to go along.

Vulgarine is one option in the Secular Monks descriptor pack. Read the complete background, or download the pack.

One thought on “Vulgarine

  1. Joshua Dudley says:

    Really cool idea! I’m a little iffy about the whole electricity thing though. It seems like specifically defining electricity as these guys’ area of expertise is very limiting and a little away from the core idea. Numenera is a world with a billion years of advanced science, spreading over nine ages, across countless planets and dimensions. “Electricity” would probably be an idea that would truly apply to few devices. I feel that this is why the core book specifically advices against referring to technology in modern terms. You’re dealing with a world were devices may be powered with electricity, radiation, solar power, geothermal power, water, air, radiation, and countless other forms of energy development. Heck, even strange power sources drawn from other dimensions are easily possible. This means that electricity, as we think of it, would apply to very few things. I think you should change it to “energy” or “power” instead. This wouldn’t require any real work beyond a little editing, and would make the descriptor much easier to adapt and apply.

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