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You’re an experience traveler. Most of your memories are of life on the road or out at sea. You might be a peddling merchant, an explorer, a runaway, or just a wayfaring vagabond. Whatever your background, your wanderlust persists and often uncomfortable remaining in any one place too long. You likely dress in a hodge-podge of assorted fashions that reflect the locations of your past travels.

+2 to your Speed Pool.

You’re training in all tasks involving navigating, geography, and identifying cultures.

You’re trained in tasks involving your choice of either seafaring or riding.

You make long-term contacts using only 2 XP instead of the normal 3 XP.

The difficulty of all tasks requiring incredible focus or concentration is increased by one step.

Additional Equipment:
You care an explorer’s pack. If you already have one, you can instead take 50 extra feet (15 m) of rope, two more days’ worth of rations, and an extra ranged weapon.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.
1. The PCs hired you to be an experienced guide in their travels.
2. You joined the PCs so that you could quickly get out of town.
3. You sought the chance to explore or see some new sights.
4. You happened to be traveling the same ways the PCs when you got involved.

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  1. Daniel Pires says:

    One of my favourites. =)

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