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Driven insane by past events, you are plagued by memories of what happened to you. Whether it was the loss of a loved one, or a piece of numenera that affected your mind, you are a shadow of your former self – twisted and troubled. Prone to lashing out at others and constantly in distress, you will forever be tormented by thoughts of pain and suffering.

You gain the following benefits:

+2 to your highest Pool.
-1 to your second highest Pool.
You are trained in one first-tier fighting move, esotery or trick of your choice, no matter your type.
All attacks inflict 1 additional point of damage to the enemy.
The difficulty of any action you previously failed that day is increased by one step (this does not apply to combat actions).
The difficulty of any positive or pleasant social interaction is increased by one step.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You decide to join the group in hopes of finding a cure to your insanity.
  2. You join the group believing one of the other PCs could help you deal with your condition.
  3. You were convinced to join the group by one of the other PCs that is a long time friend of yours.
  4. You believe it would be a good experience to take your mind off your troubles.

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