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You’re mind is split apart. Fragmented between different realities. Perhaps in one you died, perhaps in another you where never even born at all. But regardless you can perceive those different versions of yourself, and of the world around. Perhaps this happened from being trapped in another reality to long? Perhaps you died once, and your timeline was skewed when someone brought you back? Whatever the case may be, in your mind you exist as both alive and dead, real and unreal. You are Schrödinger’s cat. Locked in a superposition of state. And while this grants you powerful insights, it also may drive you mad as you scramble to pin down which reality is the one you truly belong to.

You gain the following benefits:

World Wearied:
+3 to any pool
Trained in recognizing and understanding other dimensions
Trained in speed defense
You often confuse which world you presently exist in, thus all memorization tasks are one step harder
Fractured Mind:
At any time, you may become the target of a GM intrusion that involves your perception skewing to a reality where you died or even never existed at all, causing you to perceive a situation differently than your allies would, in many case to the detriment of yourself and/or those around you.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You’re old friend has recently brought you by to life by changing history, and preventing your death in the first place, but you still remember what happened.
  2. You know something is wrong with you, you think yourself an outcast. Surrounded by the only people willing to tolerate your unusual ways.
  3. You’re trying to find a way to collapse all the realities you perceive down into one single dimension, you believe your new companions may have a way to do so.
  4. You remember one of your companions from another reality, but they do not remember you in this one.

2 thoughts on “Unmade/Unborn

  1. Synreith says:

    I like the idea, but personally I feel as if the drawback outweighs the bonus. Not by much mind, but I feel like it could afford to have slightly more positive to it.

  2. Shaun Franklin says:

    I considered adding training in Numenera as part f it, or maybe make it +3 to any pool instead of +2

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