Undying : Descriptor

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You have already lived for more than a normal human lifespan, yet you show no signs of aging. You have learned a few things during your time on Earth – more than most people have time for – but watching those you care about grow old and die never gets any easier.

You gain the following benefits:

You have the Immortal mutation.
You have +2 to one of your stat pools or +1 each to two of your stat pools.
The boredom of the ages makes it difficult to keep yourself motivated.  After making a recovery roll you must spend one extra point of recovery to replenish points to your Intellect pool (for example, recovering 2 points of Intellect costs you 3 recovery points).
You are trained in three knowledge areas of your choice.
You have outlived so many friends, lovers, and children that you find it difficult to get attached to anyone.  The difficulty of tasks involving empathy or sensing the motives of others is increased one step.
Additional Equipment:
Your long life has allowed you to squirrel away some additional funds.  You begin play with 10 extra shins.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You remember stories about the subject of the adventure – probably because you were around when they started. You want to see how things have changed since you were there last.
  2. This adventure promises an experience that you’ve never had before. The boredom that comes with your long life makes that something that you can’t pass up.
  3. You organized this adventure in order to learn something about your long forgotten past. Whether or not the other PCs know that this is the goal is up to you.
  4. One of the other PCs is a descendent of yours. You invited yourself along so that you could keep an eye on him/her.

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