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You are incredibly small, between 1.5ft (~.5m) to 3.5ft (~1.1m) tall with a proportionate build. This makes you fast and light on your feet, and makes it easy for you to go unnoticed. You also have the benifit of being able to squeeze into places other people can’t go. On the flip side, you weigh next to nothing and can lift far less than most. You will also need specially made equipment to accomidate your size and still be effective.

You gain the following benefits:

Light and Fast:
+4 points to your Speed Pool
Agile Maneuvers:
Trained in Speed Defense
Right Under Your Nose:
Trained in Stealth Actions
Just the Right Size:
Trained in actions invovling squeezing into/through tight spaces.
That’s Too Big To Carry:
Inability in any action involving lifting or carrying a weight.
Perfect Fit:
Will have to purchase clothes sized for children, at normal cost, but weapons, armor, and other special equipment will have to be specially fitted to your size, increasing the cost by 25%.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You’re on the run and stowed away in someones pack or luggage.
  2. The group found you and thought you were a lost child in need of help.
  3. You talked your way into the group, convincing them they needed a good rogue.
  4. You started following them from a distance, waiting for your chance to leap out of the shadows and save the day.

One thought on “Tiny

  1. tygertyger says:

    This descriptor is good in general, but the initial links to the starting adventure are the best part!

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