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You are a thinking machine made not from flesh and bone and blood but from synth and metal and energy. You may be impossibly old, representing an intact piece of technology from a previous world but lacking clear records or maybe you’re the result of a weakly godlike entity in the datasphere forging an emissary for itself, or perhaps you’re even an unexpectedly synergistic collection of numenera awakening to consciousness. Regardless of your origins, you are a machine and can readily interact with your kin, including cannibalizing them to keep yourself functioning in the Ninth World, but face bigotry and fear from most organics. Synthetic characters outside of the Weal of Baz are exceedingly rare and those which do choose to roam are almost always humanoid enough in silhouette to pass among organics while heavily robed. They are diverse in appearance, some with obvious sensor suites or faces and others scarcely more than actuated endoskeletons, but nearly all feel a need to blend in for their own comfort and safety.

You gain the following benefits:

You’re trained in all numenera-related actions.
Mechanically Inclined
You’re trained in machine interactions—anything from repairing a water mill to chatting up a fellow intelligent machine.
Makeshift Repairs
Once per day as an action you can sacrifice one occultic cypher to regain 2 times the cypher level as stat points.
You have +1 to the maximum cypher count your type and focus grant.
Synth and Metal
You are immune to poisons, diseases, and other biologically-based effects.
In order to move up the damage track, you must sacrifice a cypher.
Any positive social interactions with organics have a difficulty of +2 steps.
Synth and Metal
You cannot be healed by normal esoteries and skills intended for organics; tools and repair skills may be used to do so.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. One of the other PCs found you inactive in a ruin and brought you back online leaving you feeling indebted to her.
  2. You are acutely aware of arbitrary limitations in your hardware and software and are hunting for the means to bypass them and upgrade yourself.
  3. You have a few scraps of programming that compel you to seek out new experiences as well as your origins.
  4. You are searching for the necessary parts to repair the machine mind that manufactured you.

2 thoughts on “Synthetic

  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    I won’t say that it’s entirely a rip off of my idea, Artificial, which I posted months ago, but it does have A LOT of the same stuff. Maybe you did come to the idea on your own, but… I don’t know, maybe you just wanted to tweak my idea?

  2. Andrew Kalmar says:

    Synth and Metal twice?

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