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Of all the sapient creatures in the Ninth World, you are among the most disgusting.  Literally formed out of a jagged mish-mash of biological and technological refuse, you eke out an existence on the margins of society.  But your rough life has also given you many tricks other beings would be wise not to scoff at.

You have a humanoid shape, but no one could mistake you for human close up, being formed from a conglomerate of various waste.  You probably wrap yourself in oily rags and clumps of old rotten matter.  Your voice is probably as mismatched as the rest of you, the result of repurposing old half-broken speakers or other equipment that generates sound to mimic normal languages.

You gain the following benefits:

+2 to your Might Pool
You are trained in all defense tasks involving resisting poison or disease.
Consume Cypher:
You can use your action to absorb a functioning cypher into your body.  When you do, you regain 1d6 points of health, split among your pools any way you wish.  If another creature within immediate range has a cypher, you may try to grab it off of them and absorb it as part of the same action using a speed test.  Action to initiate.
Disassembly and Reassembly (2 Might Points):
Your body seems to suddenly dissolve, only to reassemble itself somewhere you can see within long range that contains enough trash and waste to form a new body for you.  You may immediately attack after using this ability.  The difficulty of attacks against creatures you appear behind or otherwise take by surprise with this ability is decreased by one step.  Action to initiate.
You are literally made out of garbage.  The difficulty of all positive social interactions increases by two steps.
You reek of decay, and the smell is almost impossible to cover up.  The difficulty of all tasks involving stealth or concealment is increased by one against any creatures with olfactory senses.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You successfully convinced one of the other PCs to see through your disgusting exterior and they became convinced you were worth keeping around.
  2. You befriended one of the other PCs first when you were both young and playing in the same garbage dump, and they later approached you with this job opportunity.
  3. You were convinced one of the other PCs took something from you, and you joined the group to try to get close to them and get it back.  You aren’t sure how to confront them about it without losing points with the rest of the group.  They can choose for themselves whether or not they actually took it.
  4. You originally joined to find a rumored “promised land” of waste and garbage, but it didn’t pan out.  You like the group, but you’re not sure whether you want to stay.

Most spurn live in communities of their own kind, called refuses, located on the sites of primeval garbage dumps.  If you’re not a part of such a community, did you leave of your own accord, or were you forced out?  If you still have ties to it, why are you travelling far from it now?

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