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Introverted, but not without courage, you shine when doing your thing.  People just shouldn’t expect you to lead or talk for the group.  Adventuring is what gets you out of your shell, though, and you do it with a purpose others often lack.

Quietly Efficient
+2 to your Speed Pool.
Choose one non-social non-combat task to be trained in.  You are somewhat obsessed with this skill.  In addition to your training, you count as having one higher Effort when performing this task.
You enjoy an Asset on stealth tasks.  You’re easy to overlook and used to hiding in plain sight.
You suffer a one step penalty on all social tasks.

Choose one of the following as your connection to the starting adventure:

  1. You’ve got just the skills the party needs to succeed and for once somebody noticed you.
  2. You’ve taken to following one of the other PC’s around.  They don’t seem to mind.
  3. You overheard the planning for the adventure while skulking around and wormed your way in.
  4. You silently manipulated everyone else into joining you.  They don’t suspect a thing.
Note: this descriptor is part of the Negative Descriptors pack from Ryan Chaddock

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