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You hail from a small farming community. Whilst you are not necessarily naive or unfamiliar with the numenera, you are likely unused to the customs and mores of larger towns and cities – many city dwellers look down on you as uneducated and provincial. Those from other rural communities, however, are more likely to trust a stranger once he or she has demonstrated their competence in rural affairs (though they may look on you with a certain amount of suspicion as an outsider).

You gain the following benefits:

Outdoor lifestyle:
You have grown up subject to the physical demands of farm life – you have +2 to your Might pool.
Skill (animal husbandry):
Dealing with animals your whole life, you are well used to their ways. You are trained in all actions pertaining to riding, controlling, placating, and otherwise interacting with domesticated or tamed animals.
Skill (country lore):
You come from a community well-versed in lore pertaining to the natural world, the weather, seasonal changes, and the like. You are trained in knowledge relating to wilderness survival.
Skill (country matters):
You are at ease dealing with people from a similar background to yourself. You are trained in pleasant social interactions with villagers, isolated farmers, and other rural types.
Inability (country bumpkin):
You are unused to dealing with affected, urbane mannerisms. Social interactions with city-folk that depend upon diplomacy, persuasion, or etiquette are one step more difficult for you. Similar interactions with high-status individuals from cities are increased by two steps.
Your clothes are made of coarse homespun, and any weapon you possess is likely a modified farm tool of some kind.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. A terrible sickness has swept through your village. You have left, either to escape the illness or to search for a cure. You have fallen in with the PCs in the starting location.
  2. You have always dreamed big. Though still attached to your friends and family, you have run away from your village or farm in search of adventure.
  3. Your local Aeon priest has uncovered a strange new type of numenera, and is struggling to understand it. You volunteered to head into the nearest large town or city to convene a party of individuals who might be able to help examine it.
  4. Visiting the city for trading purposes, you managed to cause grave offence to a powerful or dangerous individual. One of the PCs was able to smooth matters over, and – in gratitude – you agreed to help them with their task.

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