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You died and were brought back to life, or maybe you were frozen in a cryo-tank and reanimated long after the original schedule (if there ever was one to begin with). Regardless, you had a prolonged exposure to death and it has changed you. Your skin might be translucent, showing your inner workings and scaring off other people. Pieces of knowledge that you didn’t possess before (or at least don’t remember having) jump into your consciousness at weird times. But you are tougher now, more resistant to damage, and you are determined to walk this second life of yours till the very end – after all, death is just an old friend at this point.

You gain the following benefits:

+2 to your Might Pool.
Anatomy of the Beyond:
Having been (nearly) dead changed you physically. Select one of your stat Pools. Whenever you take 1 point of damage from an outside source to one of the other two stat Pools, you can transfer the damage to this Pool instead. Higher amounts of damage are inflicted normally. Enabler.
You are trained in one area of knowledge of your choice.
You are trained in all Might defense tasks.
People think that something about you is off, or being back amongst the living you just don’t care much for social etiquette anymore. The difficulty for pleasant social interactions is increased by one step.
Additional Equipment:
You have one extra oddity, chosen by the GM, that is somehow connected to your former life.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. One of the PCs told you that he/she could help you find out what happened to you.
  2. You think that one PC was somehow involved in your (near) death.
  3. You need money now that you live again and joining the PCs seemed a sure way to earn some shins.
  4. You remember seeing a PC before you died, but haven’t figured out yet where or why that was.

2 thoughts on “Revived

  1. Arne Haschen says:

    So, what do you guys think? I wasn’t sure about making this a Might-based descriptor (maybe watching Penny Dreadful had more influence than I care to admit), but I quite like the Anatomy of the Beyond mechanic and I hope that by explicitly limiting it to outside sources nobody will try to mitigate Effort costs with it.

  2. Brad Benedetti says:

    I think if you focus on the Franks Monster portions it’d flow a lot better, right now it’s inbetween a couple things without a real flavor.Anatomy is pretty cool tho, I’d say focus it on Might personally.

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