Relaxed : Descriptor

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You’re a chill guy who doesn’t worry very often.  You take it as it comes and go with the flow.

+2 to your intellect pool
Trained in positive social interactions
Trained in mental defense
Too slow
Your relaxed demeanor, while it lets you keep a cool head and not stress out in social situations, leaves you slow to start up and react to things, giving you an inability in initiative rolls.

Initial Link to the adventure

  1. One of the other PC’s wrecked your favorite spot and with no where else to go you started traveling with that person.
  2. You found one of the other PC’s in a pretty bad state and helped them to calm down.
  3. You were brought in when someone noticed you were calm in a very hectic situation and mistook it for military training.
  4. You figured you’d had enough of your old town and the PC’s were just the first people you met.

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